Egypt By nicolas, gerArDo, alfredo

P stands for political

Originally was a parliamentary government but it seems the people are going to change it. More elections are taking place to.

The people originally didn't have a lot of power absolutely no political power but with all these changes they seem to be gaining more.

But with all these changes it continues to hurt the people and the economy.

E stands for economy trade the main points of it are gold, papyrus, linen, grain for cedar wood, ebony, copper, iron, ivory, lapis lazuli

The components of its work force is 24% ag 24% industry and 47% services.

The standard of living varies from high to low depending on where you are.

Unemployment rate is 12.7%

G.d.p 3,092.61

The main imports and exports are natural gas, cotton textiles, medical, citrus fruits, rice, dry onion, cement, and steel.

G is for geography Egypt would be a desert if it wasn't for the Nile.

Settlement patterns are pretty unusual it is super clustered around the Nile and there are barely any others away from it.

Some drawbacks are the fact that the further from the Nile you are the more likely for you to do increases and the place is hot and only gets like a half inch of rain a year.

Adaptations/modifications in ancient times they would make there houses out of mud from the bank to keep them cool during the day and there lives revolved around the river.

Some environmental issues are the loss of clean water and water all together and the problems

S stands for social

Most of Egypt is in some sort of ethical group or religion. The 4 groups that make up most of these people are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism

Religious issues are ISS trying to force people to join there religion

But on the bright side there is not that much gender problems.


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