Documentary Photography Isabella kean


Pre- Production:

i chose to focous on documenting a place and people as this gives me a wide range to photograph. The point of documentarty photography is to tell a story through my pictures. I will aim to do this by taking pictures of the market.

I have done some research into where the best christmas markets are the south hampton one look really good for my theme and is a big market. i also thought that its importatnt to go to an area i wouldnt usually go to to get a wide range of people and trades.

The aim of this shoot will be to catch people in there day to day lives. (Natural and un-posed). I chose to focus on jobs and trades as I thought it would be a lively place to base it on. A busy environment giving me lots of opportunities to get interesting action shots. I thought that a good place to try this shoot would be a Christmas market as they have a lot to look at. Bright colors and lights will make it visually appealing.


Sherry Otts is a photographer that has inspired me. i like her style and I also liked the way she used close up shots to show details of the market and to get a feel for textures and colours more closley. I will aim to do this in my own work as i like this style. she has also used wider shots to the audiance can have a general feel for the whole market and the atmospher and culture here. I realised that it was unrealistic to pick an artist that travels around the world as i wouldnt be able to do this.
Street Photography- Pintrest


I liked this image as I caught this man in action doing his job. the fire draw attention and the purple glasses caught my attention. He had an almost crazy scientist look about him making the picture more interesting to look at. Action shots usually catch peoples eye as it makes people intrigued.

I used rule of thirds in this shot as we have the 2 roses then him to the right of the frame. This made the composition of the picture more visually appealing. I tested out several angles to get the best shot. I could have improved on this shot as this face is out of focus. I also could have tried a wider angle to get a feel for the atmosphere and the stall.

I liked this image as the composition in aesthetically pleasing. The focus point is in the center drawing the eye to the picture. I could have improved this image by not cutting out the edges as it compresses the image and doesn't look right. I also should have used no flash as the reflection of the flash ruins the image.

This image I thought was good as the depth of field draws your eye to the foreground. I also like extreme close up and worms eye view of this shot.

I edited this image on Photoshop to add some colour as I found out in my research that martin parr does in his shoots. I played around with a few colors and decided purple worked best for this image making it striking and bold.

I thought this image was interesting as it really gave you a feel for the atmosphere at the Christmas market. I could have improved this image by focusing the image slightly more and included his face as it has been cut out of the frame. I also could have lightened the image more as it is dark at the bottom of the image.

I like the composition of the image I have used rule of thirds as the man is in 1 third and the other 2 thirds by the grill. I like the use of line's in this image vertical lines of the grill and the neatly piled sausages the opposite way. I thought it was an interesting shot of someone in action doing their job.

This image is a bit over exposed, however I like the red and warm tone of the image link well to the theme of Christmas and the friendly atmosphere of a market. This image is blurry and slightly out of focus. The focus point isn't standing out making it a messy shot.

I chose to take images of these dream catchers as they are something you would see at a Christmas market. The light in the background as conventionally at markets and thought i should include these in my images.

I like this image as the image capture and documents where I am with just a picture of objects. with even just objects you can document where you are and a season. I like the use of vertical and horizontal lines the image as a whole looks like a print. I like using close up shot of objects to document the small details.

Wide Angle

i chose to use a wide angle as well as the stal has alot of character the lights are evidance of a persons being there. Documenting the market owners peronality throught there work.

I liked the colors of the blue lights and thought it was quite moody. I also like th use on leading lines taking you vertically across the page.

This Image was over exposed and his out line is really sharp and look out of place. i think the lighting and composition brings the quality of this picture down.

I didnt really like this image as it was very posed the angle i chose wasnt very visually appealing.

I like the use of leading lines in this image they draw your eye the whole way round the image. A sweet stall is always found at a market. Sweets are a traditional stall at markets and as i am taking pictures of conventional and unconventional markets this was a good photo to support the research i have done. i like the perspective o

How i could Improve?...

- I liked the images I took from the first shoot but don’t think I got enough photos of people actually trading I wanted to catching people off guard to make it more natural.

- Add more actions shot of people doing their jobs. This time I will go to Kingston Market. It has a lot of different culture and cuisine such as the German stand.

Planning For Second Shoot:

These images below are screenshots of the research i did. the image on the left is a screenshot from google maps. i did this to get an idea of where the shoot will take place and to get a clear idea into the story im going to tell throught the shoot. The image on the right is a screen grabs from the kingston market page this page gave me a lot of infomation about the history of kingston. this webpage informed me that the market has been running scince 1900's. Trades have been going on for so long, i though i would document trade as it has been a really important in the united kingdom and still is today.

Shoot 2:

This one of my best pictures from the shot and meets my brief to catch people off gaurd doing thier job. I edited this on Photoshop to enhance the colours.

i liked this picture as the steam was caught in the shot. This shot woundnt have been as affective if the steam wasnt there as it adds some life. it also documents that someone was there. i like the painted wood at the bottem of the frame.

I like the colour and tone of this picture. i didnt edit this one as i didnt think it needed it. it is a busy picture and would look messy if their were lots of differnt colours however the tones of baishe go with the light reds complimenting eachother.
I like this image as it a classic english market stall that you would find. i this shoot i wanted to capture the differnt cultures and cusine sold at a christmas market.
Here i used photoshop to bring down the levels and exposour to make the image more dark. the image is intesting to look at because of enviroment. we as an audiance get to see the stages and process of cooking.
i believe these 2 images are my best. i like the composition by using rule of thirds it has made the image more striking.
I like this image as the plastic sheets create a frame for the audiance to look through giving the scense that you are peeking in behind the senes of the market. As i said my aim after looking at martin Parrs work was to show the steryotypes of an english market and the reality of lives of the workers.
This was the front of the stall a ery differnet to the back showing what the traders see and what the custumers do.
I thought i had to include a fruit and veg stand as it is a traditional market stall.


I editied the pictures that i thought needed it. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit my picture.The picture on the right is the original image i didnt like the street light that was on the left of the image. There is a tool that allows me to crop bits of the image that i dont like out. i used this crop tool to get rid of the light on the left.

I also used the Ajustments tool bar to change the colour properties by using the colour balance tool. i played around with mid tones till i found a colour i was happy with. i chose the purple as it stands out. i made this colour by mixing majenta, Cayn and yellow.

The image on the right is the original. i liked the colours and objects in the hot, however the focous point of the crystal wasnt very clear so i used the blurr tool to blur the background so the foreground would stand out more. i then used the sharpen tool to make the crystal the focous point. I think the edit didnt work as i increased the saturation to much making the image look too fake.
This image on the left is the orginal. i liked the compsition of this picture however it was very over exposed. To darken the image i brought the exposure down. The image on the right was the image when i had finished editing. i like the darker image as it adds tone. i also icrease the saturation to make the colours more warm and inviting.


I would agree with statment "a picture is a thousand words" as i have deffenatly learnt this over this project that every picture tells a story. With my pictures i clearly told a story by documenting the christmas markets i discovered the two sides of trading at markets. The custumers perception of the stall and the traders work life. Giving the audience an insight into the reality and the steryotyplical idilic english market.

When researching i found that the photographers i looked at always have a clear theme by looking at the photos from each shoot. for example Martin Parr used the title "thinking of England" by observing his photos you would know what the title is with out knowing it. I think this is something i could work on better in my own work. I could do this by having a clear brief from the start and when editing keep the colours the same.

These are some pictures i found when researching Martin Parr. I liked the bright and bold colours he used and tried to replicate this in my own work. His style is playfull and happy and i thought this would be a good way to show a christmas market. As i was trying to show both sides of the market the workers perception of the stall and the custumers view.
These are my images that i think worked well to show what the custumers see. christmas markets have themes of happiness and joy and i think the colours show this well.
These photos i think have a moe grungy style. the images are darker and more monotone maybe representing the tierd workers. These images show an insight into the market workers jobs. i like the middle image as the plastic makes a frame making the audiance look through it as if they were peeking in on there lives.

My research was appropriate and relevant to my work as the photographers i looked into both did a shoot at markets. Sherry Otts was in Aisa at a market there. i liked the techniques she used and the colours she used.

I believe that i have understood the term documentary. Its a way to capture a moment in time

The medium of photography is documenting a moment. i have also achieved this by catching people doing thier jobs in the moment. i did this to get some action shots.

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