Welcome to TJMS Toby Johnson Middle School, home of the #jaguarnation

Ice-Cream Social for incoming 7th grade students

"It was a good experience to see and to socialize with incoming seventh graders and to get the tour of the campus so you're somewhat ready for when you come here." Leila, incoming 7th grader

First 2 Days of School - PBIS Kickoff

Our first two days of school start the year off on a positive note while sharing our schoolwide expectations: Safe, Responsible, Respectful and Kind.

2017-18 First 2 Days of School known as the PBIS Kickoff

What happens at the PBIS Kickoff?

  • Toby Johnson t-shirts for the whole school community
  • Motivational speakers
  • A back to school rally
  • Games & team-building activities
  • Schoolwide service projects
  • Education stations
  • Advocacy class bonding with targeted lessons for how to have a successful year
  • Snack-time
  • Mini-schedules of the regular school day

Parents of Incoming 7th Graders

Surprise Grams cost $1 & are delivered during the first 2 days of school.

Surprise Grams for the First Day of School were sold at the Ice Cream Social and will be made available again at the Jaguar Jubilee in August. Bring $1 cash for each gram, there is no limit! Customized messages can be added to the backs of the cards. Your 7th grade student will be delighted to see a note of encouragement for the school year along with a surprise treat: Fruit by the Foot, Highlighter, Pop Rocks or a Jaguar Sticker.

How you can support our positive climate at the PBIS Kickoff: Donations

Support your child's positive transition to middle school with one of these three donations.
“On the first day of 7th grade, I expected to have a normal school day, starting classes regularly and to get a stack of homework. But instead of that, I got an amazing two day kickstart which gave free snacks, amazing speakers, and a way in which I met new people and got more friends. This was something I did not expect to start off Middle School.” -Andy Z.
Schoolwide t-shirts instantly build the feeling of community and belonging.
“On my first day of school, I was a bit skeptical on how middle school was going to go by. I was a bit nervous and was a bit uncomfortable. However, Toby Johnson made me feel welcome by adding a fun Advocacy lesson to meet new people at the school. I soon made friends that I still hang out with today. Also Toby Johnson provided a tour to get to know the school that made me feel a part of the school which helped a lot. Their positive environment made me feel welcome and it sure will make you welcome too.” -Saif M.
Motivational speaker, Kevin Bracy, connects with students and empowers them to connect with others. Each one, Reach one!
“On my first day of school, I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but that I would end up just like the people on TV. Lose all your friends and everyone hates you. But the advocacy lesson that was prepared for me and the others made my first day less stressful and prepped for my first class.The activities made my day enjoyable and exciting for school. My first thought of school was the complete opposite of what I thought would have happened. I got to meet new people that are now my best friends and met my new teachers.The activities made me feel safe and comfortable at Toby Johnson.” -Tania B.
The back to school rally strengthens team identity and encourages participation and fun.
“On the first day of middle school I was a little scared because going from elementary to middle school is a big jump. However, all the activities and tours made me feel more at ease and showed me how I should behave on campus.” -Ryan T.
Snack time is critical during the busy first two days of school.
“My first day at school at the PBIS kickoff was one of my happiest days at school. When I walked on to campus not knowing who was going to be in my class I got really scared but during the kickoff I met a lot of new people who I became friends with.” -Dideoluwa O.
“The first day of seventh grade was definitely a day to remember. I came in nervous, but twenty minutes into the day I was completely comfortable with my advocacy teacher and the students in my class. I was taught to be safe, kind, responsible, and respectful in a way that was fun and rewarding. I loved spending my first day of school at Toby Johnson!” -Mia P.


Jamboree Yearbook Staff, 2017 & 2018

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