MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | July 2021 Edition

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It’s been awhile since our last MBriefs Communication. We took a step back to consider changing our MBriefs style, and then realized, it wasn’t broken, the world just turned upside down with COVID. So, we are back with appropriate tips of how to proceed, all the while, learning from activities, or lack thereof, since March of 2020.

As we start to spin on the axis once more, it’s apparent the time away from each other, secluded in our make-shift work space, has put a wrinkle in our perception of relationships. This month’s MBriefs considers relationships. As our podcast guest, Todd Wilkowski discusses, our relationship with time is a gift. Consider what you can do with this gift? Take a minute to look at your mental health and how your physical health can affect it. Are you emotionally prepared to be back in the office with a diverse community? Conversations may reach levels that could hinder our connections. As you reconnect these links, you may need to hold your tongue, speak firmly, or practice in front of a camera.

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Is It Truly a Complete Physical?

Healthcare Innovators: Those that see a problem and improves the process. For example, Insight Optics, this year's third-place qualifier at TiE University's Global Pitch Competition, led by Dr. Aaron Enten and TJ LaGrow, presented a simple solution to the rise of blindness undetected of those with hypertension and diabetes. Insight Options has created an app that general practitioners can scan the back of the eye. The application determines a proper scan for a diagnosis and, depending on results, may direct the patient to an ophthalmologist. How does this help? Researchers reported that each time we go to the doctor and sit in their waiting room, it costs us $43 of lost time. So, when we get an annual physical, wouldn't it be nice to learn from a simple eye exam if our hypertension or diabetes is causing blindness? Read more of this and the other qualifiers at this year's pitch competition.

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

Our first Side Affects podcast of 2021 brings Todd Wilkowski from Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC to discuss with Kenzie and Scott how this past year, he has encouraged embracing the gift of time. Moving forward, we aren’t out of the COVID-19 woods yet, so we should continue to connect with others, take that extra step, and present culture as a competitive advantage. Don’t ignore what has happened with the pandemic, but revisit it and watch as your company and culture evolves.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

To be healthy isn’t just about being physically fit. If you are stressed, anxious, depressed, or any other emotionally challenging condition, it will start to affect your physical health. And the vice-versa is true as well…if you are frequently ill, the pressure will take a toll on your sanity. Our bodies can only take so much, physically, and mentally. Our brain alerts us when something is too heavy, too hot, just too much before we cause damage, but have we learned to do the same when it comes to our emotional state? Do we know how to fix our mental health? To be truly healthy, you may need to get some help, just like you do when you are physically ill.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

Maintaining a Respectful Work Environment

All 2021 Learning Centers are virtual.

After going through a contentious election cycle, social unrest, and dealing with the stress of the COVID-19 response, many employers see an increase in discord among their employees. Through a combination of well-thought policies and training, HR professionals and managers can learn how to intervene tactfully and effectively if conversations turn to divisive topics. When employee attitudes affect others in the workplace, learn to reduce growing tensions among employees. In addition, review specific policies to prevent potential trigger points such as offensive symbols and slogans, to maintain a respectful work environment for all.

This course is approved for 1.5 SHRM and HRCI CE Credits.

Presenter: Rebecca Jacobs of Employers Resource Association (ERA)

Wednesday, July 21st | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Video, presentation & studio tips from Multimedia Specialist, Malisa

Fidgety fingers. Sweaty palms. Ravenous thirst. A newly discovered stutter…they all make guest appearances when the bright studio lights turn on, the microphone, strategically placed on your shirt, and the camera rolls…You are now recording!

3 – 2 – 1 …. You’re On!

Speaking in front of the camera can be intimidating. Some of the best speakers freeze up as soon as a camera is in front of their face! We get it. It takes time and practice to become more comfortable with studio recordings. We have a few tips to share with you to ease some of your camera anxieties.

Being prepared is THE best way to enjoy your studio time and ease some of those nerves.

1. Be strategic and realistic when scheduling your studio time. You should consider the project's due date, the time required to prepare your materials, and the time needed to edit.

2. Make sure ALL materials required for your filming are up-to-date and formatted correctly: PowerPoints should be in 16:9 format, and we have a teleprompter if you wish to utilize a script! If we discussed using a virtual set, a few pictures to showcase your company are always great to include. We can serve you best if we have all this information at least 24 hours before your studio time!

3. Your momma gave you a name; use it! Don't forget to send us the names and official titles of those presenting on camera. Again, please have this to us 24 hours before your scheduled recording.

4. The torso-less talker: Please do not wear anything green. We don't want part of you to disappear into our green screen!

5. Communicate: At McGohan Brabender, we value your opinions. Please do not hesitate to clarify any issues or express your concerns. We want you to be comfortable and confident in the studio!

Developing the Future Workforce Inside McGohan Brabender

Interns in Insurance: How Sarah Schena Has Built a Meaningful Sales Internship

Business Development Director, Sarah Schena is mentoring, Claire Toomb and Lane Harshbarger, our summer sales interns. Sarah shares how our MB interns contribute to the continued success of MB:

Q: What lessons have you used from your past to help manage your interns now?

A: I was once in their shoes. I was a programming intern for the University of Dayton's English Language and Multicultural Institute. During this time, I learned many valuable skills that helped me grow professionally. I learned how to work with others, discovered the importance of clear and direct communication and the concept that everyone has a role to fill in a team.

Q: What has been your favorite part about managing interns this summer?

I want these students to get the most out of their experience, so I give them meaningful work. Lane and Claire have worked on improving the efficiency of MB's sales process, prospect research and prospect outreach. With each new task they complete, I have seen them both gain confidence in their ability to help grow the business.

Q: What do you hope Lane and Claire get out of their internship experience?

A: I hope that at the end of the internship, they can look back and say that they received real work experience where they felt they were a contributing member of the team. I want them to feel prepared to enter the workforce.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have had to work through this summer?

A: A unique challenge is remembering how technical and complicated the insurance industry is. There are countless acronyms and rules in our business that we assume everyone knows. I have caught myself using health benefits jargon and must remember that it takes time to learn the industry. That has taught me to slow down the pace of work and create opportunities to educate the interns about the industry and show them how all of the moving parts come together.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give an intern?

A: Don't sit back and wait for opportunities to find you. Instead, go out and grab opportunities and ask for new experiences! Be curious! The worst thing that could happen is to be told no.

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

Midwest Hospitality for Advancing Healthcare Innovation

The Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit 2021 plans to gather in our neck of the woods this September. Cincinnati will host the International “medic-con” of research, innovation, and best practices to advance health care. It is reported that this summit, conceivably, the first of many, depending on the who and what presented, could propose health care changes to occur sooner. With a global pandemic potentially behind us, it is a good reminder that worldwide, if we work together, we can “ultimately deliver better health care and improve quality of life.”

We will keep our ears peeled for results from this summit assembly.

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