The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Pilar Thangwaritorn's spark story

The Spatial Experience: When entering the Constans Theater, it felt different. The environment made it feel as if the theater was a separate component from the Reitz Union as a whole. I felt at peace compared to the large amount of people who enter and leave the Reitz. The waiting area of the theater was definitely a professional setting and I felt welcomed. The theater itself was built in an amazing way with just the right amount of seats. This allowed the area to not be overbearing to the point where the audience members feel like they can't breathe. Fortunately, I was seated right in the middle of the lower area where I could experience the entire play with a 360 degrees view. As the lights dimmed and the audience quiet down, I felt the anticipation of the play. I was excited to see UF students perform since this was my first play here. The best part of the Constans Theater is its size. The theater is large enough to allow the sound to spread across the room but also small enough to allow the audience to gain a personal experience from it. Being in a place, such as the Constans Theater, plays a role in the good life by being aware. No matter where you are, the place determines your thoughts and actions.

The Social Experience: Before the performance, a few of my friends and I ate dinner and got ready to respect the dress code. Attending the play with my friends enhanced my experience and allowed me to stay focused on the story line. Each of us had a different view on the play and we got to share how we felt among ourselves. We were all open minded to the ideas that we had pertaining to the play and characters. During the intermission, we were able to discuss the plot and setting that we saw so far and what we expected to see as the story line progressed. Shared experiences makes life a lot better. As humans, we are accustomed to socializing and being around other people. Being able to talk to each other and the experiences we've encountered contributes to every individual's good life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The setting of the play was most likely during a time with the controversial issue of children being illegally put to work and adults being over worked. Before attending the performance, I didn't know what the play was about. However, I had a fair understanding of the revolving issue in the story line. This play showed this in a unique way by being indirect and allowing the audience to follow the lives of the characters. The play didn't entirely change my view since I came in with limited knowledge about the history. More than anything, it taught me more about history and the possible real life controversies that could've occurred during that time. Honestly, the subject matter hasn't impacted me personally but a similar situation to my friend. In the play, Leo had to work in the harsh conditions to help his mother and feed for the family. As for my friend, she was the only person in her family able to work. Her father left the family when she was young and her mother is disable. Being the oldest, she had to start working as soon as possible to provide for the family.

The Emotional Experience: Katharsis is definitely expressed in "The Divine" to show the audience a different perspective of the controversial subject discussed. We get to follow a family, each with different personal problems, and gain insight on how society lived during that time. Unlike history books or films, this was the truth. Even better, the performance was live and allowed us to feel like we were actually present during that time. What we saw was socially and politically wrong which opened our eyes to our current day in age and how it's easier to attain the good life compared to people back then.


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