Sean Parker By liam costello

Sean Parker was an entrepreneur that changed social media forever. He created Napster and helped turned Facebook into the massive business it is today. However, controversy throughout his life will leave his legacy tainted
Parker's father taught him to code at a young age and "by his teens, Parker was hacking his way into the computer networks of company's ... around the world." He was forced to do community service because of this. He met another hacker while doing community service and they worked together to create an Internet Security Company. Although this did not go big, it was a start.
Parker later cofounded Napster. Napster changed the way music was streamed. It was a site where people could easily swap songs with their friends. Napster was a huge hit but it came with a lot of criticism from musical artists.
Parker was eventually kicked out of Napster by other members of the company. After, the music industry was finally able to shut Napster down.
After Napster, Parker moved on to a new company at the front of social media change, Facebook. Parker joined Facebook before it had made it big and helped turned it into the multi billion dollar company it is today. But because of his partying habits as well as other stuff, Parker was forced out of his position at Facebook. Although he no longer held the title, he was still very influential in Facebook's growth,
Parker's legacy will forever be tainted. Parker has "found a bit of controversy along the way, developing a reputation for being a big partier and an even bigger spender" S(tone) Even with his misdeeds in the past, he will still be known as the person who revolutionized the music industry and helped revolutionize social media.

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