Florida Museum of Natural History Audrey Genest

Nature on Display

I had been to the Florida Museum of Natural History before but had somehow missed the exhibit recreating northern Florida's ecosystem. This exhibit is appealing to me not only because northern Florida is beautiful, but I used to live in that area growing up. Walking into the exhibit I noticed how detailed everything was, right down to the raccoon hiding in the trees. Each area of the exhibit were aspects of northern Florida that I recognized as a kid. They showed the caverns and even the sugar white sand beaches. From the plaques I was able to take that knowledge and apply it to the exhibit. I saw the Monarch butterflies and finally understood why so many flocked to the area I lived in.

Nature and Ethics

One of the exhibits in the museum recreated a tiny home and showed visitors how to cut down their energy use. People take energy for granted. The switch of a light is much more complicated than we can realize. All of the stuff we use comes from energy. The use of energy though can have detrimental effects on the environment. I enjoyed this exhibit because it showed me how I can cut down on nonessential energy. I love nature and want to see it still preserved. I think others in the museum don't realize the amount of energy that they can be saving. It is a very refreshing wake up call.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Nature and the human spirit can definetely be seen in the exhibit with Florida's Native Americans. I enjoyed the exhibit because I was able to learn more about the indigenous people of Florida. Everything they did had a purpose and connected back to nature. At one point in the exhibit you can walk into a room modeled after a royal court scene. Rain and lightning can be heard as you sit in the dimly lit room, taking in what sits before you. While sitting there it allowed me time to reflect. It is not obvious that the Native Americans were not given the respect they should have received. In hundreds of years later the indigenous people of Florida still stay to their old culture, while we continue to destroy the natural world around us just as we did when Columbus arrived.

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