Lord of the Flies By william Golding

This book is about boys that are trying to get away from a war, but end up getting in a situation that could cost them their lives. They end up betraying each other leading to the death of very young people.
The setting is on an island where they got in a plane crash. The island has a forest and pond that they can bathe and play in.
Jack: A boy that will do anything to have leadership. He loves to hunt and is somewhat bloodthirsty.
Ralph: The person who found the conch shell at the beginning of the book. He was voted the leader of the boys, but later got overthrown by Jack. In the end he was found by a Marine and was rescued by them.
Piggy: He was the first person to group up with Ralph. He always would follow what Ralph told him. He had good ideas that could of helped keep the boys together, but they were always overruled by Jack and Ralph.
Simon: He was the person that helped Ralph the most when all the boys were together. He did not stop to play with the other boys. He kept working. When the groups split up he went out on his own and got killed by Jack's group.
Civilization vs Savagery
The first example shows how the boys were savage. This is when Jack's group was hunting. When they did not kill the pig the first time. Jack swore that the next time he was going to kill it. When they did kill it everyone was chanting about it.
The next example shows how they were civil. This is when they first gathered after the plane crash. They elected a leader. They also had meeting. At the meeting they made a rule so that only the person with the conch shell could talk.
Conch: The conch is a symbol of order. This is because whenever Ralph blew into the conch everyone would come and start a meeting. It is also because whoever had the conch was the only person that could speak. This is important because it is one of the only things that kept the people in order
Fire: The fire at the start of the book represents hope for the boys. It was what they were going to use to get home. Toward the end of the book it starts to represent savagery.
The Island: At first the island represents a paradise for the boys. They were happy about their being no adults around to boss them around. Then they started missing people being able to take car of them. In the end they only wanted to get rescued and get back to civilization.
Events from the beginning to the end
1. The boys crash on the island in a plane
2. They all find each other and elect Ralph as the leader because he has the conch shell
3. They start the fire as a hope to get save from the island.
4. The group kills a pig for food.
5. Jack and Ralph split up. Simon goes off on his own.
6. More people start to go over to Jack's group.
7. Jack's group try to kill Ralph.
8. Ralph sees the Marine on the shore and gets saved.


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