I've never been inside the Constans Theatre before and would just pass by it, when entering the Reitz, wondering what it looked like on the other side. Once I entered the auditorium, I was astounded by the set up of the stage and the openness of the overall area. My friends and I were seated to the side near the door, which later on we would find out that's where some performers would enter and exit through. I honestly did not know what to expect when the lights started to dim and the show was about to start. At first, it was surprising when the performers would all of a sudden come through the door abruptly, but it made my experience interesting. The closeness to the performers allowed me to feel a deeper connection to their roles within the story and feel their emotions.

the social experience


Before the show, I met up with my two friends by the social stairs. While waiting outside of the theater, I enjoyed seeing everyone socialize with their friends and take pictures. I would've felt very lonely if I did not go with my friends, and I'm truly glad that I did. It made my experience better than I expected, and being able to laugh with my friends while watching the play made me feel happy and warm on the inside. I think any experience is fun as long as you are in the presence of good company.

the cultural and intellecutual experience

After watching the play, I appreciated how privileged I am to grow up without having to worry about money. The fact that the women would work hard for so little pay and occasionally, be injured to the point of death was shocking to me. It made me feel more proud to be a woman and how strong we can be independently. Beforehand, I did not know that there was a conflict between religion and theatre. I also didn't know that priests made a lot of money. In the end, I learned that sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to live the good life that we want.

the emotional experience

It was an overall humbling experience. I was deeply moved by the actors and they conveyed their roles so well that I could feel the emotions. Watching this play was definitely a valuable experience and allowed me to see the different perspectives of the characters from different social classes. It gave me an outlook of what it was like during the time and the struggles an individual may have had to deal with. Coming out of the theatre, I felt more appreciative of the life I live and motivated me to never give up when times get rough.


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