Cheer Basics Learning MOVES

Skills and Gear

cheer is not just a girl sport anyone can do it even boys that want to do it . It also can make u have some good focus.


the number one rule in cheer is to have really good team work and u have to always say u got this.

pom poms

DID U KNOW pom poms were made in the 1930 's they are good for fun and cool cheers that u do.

The Boys Doing Cheer

cheer is not just a girly sport it is for anyone that want to do it .


when you get in the air you have to squeeze really tight and dont lean back or forwerd

CHEER Tryouts

then you try to do practice don't ever full around and know matter what try your best.


Did u know that over 600 woman tryout for all different cheer teams they all practice there best and they get there together .


When it is the last game you kinda realize how hard you have worked in the season . Then u really know that you are a cheer star.


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