COIBO photo exhibit june 2nd, 2017: national republic day @ italian embassy (la paz, bolivia) a backstage reportage

This photo-reportage/storytelling was created by Michele Pasquale (EUAV/GVC Bolivia's Communication Officer: text, watermarked photos, main cover, design) within the framework of GVC/Cebem's "Qnas Soñi (hombres del agua/water men) Project" in Chipaya (Oruro Dept., Bolivia), Feb.- Aug. 2017.

The main aim was to document with text and images the daily activities of an EUAidVolunteer deployed in the field. Special thanks to Daniel Bordoli for the backstage photos.

"A Day in The Life: COIBO's photography exhibition" is the second episode of intern photo-reportages and stories having the specific intention to tell the everyday life of an EUAidVolunteer deployed in the field. In this case, with GVC Italy in La Paz, Bolivia, collaborating with the local GVC office and Cebem within the framework of the "Qnas Soñi (hombres del agua/Water's men)" project. Today's foretaste: June 2nd, 2017: the National Republic Day at the Italian Embassy in La Paz!

Enjoy your vision!

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Gvc Onlus (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile): facebook.com/GVConlus/?ref:br_rs

Centro Boliviano de Estudios Multidisciplinarios:

facebook.com/Chipaya-16o758o346159712/ - www.chipaya.org

Unión Europea en Bolivia / European Union in Bolivia: facebook.com/UEenBolivia/

European Commission - Civil Protection & I-Iumanitarian Aid Operations - ECHO: facebook.com/ec.humanitarían.aid/

Credits: Michele Pasquale (Watermarked) / Daniele Bordoli / Marco Santizo

COIBO, a photo exhibit to tell Italian NGOs' field projects in Bolivia

June 2nd, 2017: a day commemorating the National Republic Day at the Italian Embassy in La Paz, with a special COIBO's (association of the Italian NGOS in Bolivia) collective photography exhibition. The exhibit provided two images per NGO, with the aim to give a glimpse to the fieldwork activities carried out by the organisations. Photo selection, post-production, general organisation, installation and setup were managed by Michele Pasquale, EUAidVolunteer communication officer (GVC Onlus, Italy), and Daniele Bordoli, international civil service volunteer (ASPEm, Italy).

The two volunteers participated with their own works too. Michele with 4 photos: 2 of them dedicated to GVC's native community project called “QNAS SOIÃII (HOMBRES DEL AGUA): CHIPAYA, ENTRE TRADICION Y TECNOLOGIA, HACIA UN MUNICIPIO RESILIENTE", and 2 images for RC (Ricerca e Cooperazione), “Desayuno Escolar Km 0” project. Daniele with 3 photos: 1 for ASPEm's “Manos a la tierra! ” project, and 2 images for Fondazione don Gnocchi's “rehabilitación domiciliaria, fisica y intelectual“ project (community based rehabilitation to physical and intellectual disability).

Starting from the main gate of the historical residence in Obrajes, Calle 5, the photography exhibition proposed 24 images, touching upon several topics. The pictures were supported by fascinating easels - spotted with oil colours - obtained thanks to a collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts "Hernando Siles". The official memorial day was opened by a welcome speech mainly focusing on the role of Italy and its culture in Bolivia, taking the cue from the video “Italy: The Extraordinary Commonplace”, promoted by the Ministry of the Economic Development to promote the “Made in Italy” excellence products. The event was a great occasion to present NGOS' fieldwork activities to a wide audience, national and international, confirming an open dialogue with the local authorities and a reiterate, friendly collaboration within the Italian NGOs in Bolivia.

Photo: Daniele Bordoli

The preparation of the exhibition was divided in three different phases: during a first meeting with all the members of COIBO, we discussed the conditions of materials' receiving (technical data, size, captions), set the dates of this long-term realisation process (from post-production to printing), decided which support to be used during the exhibition (easels). Communications and agreements - managed by Michele Pasquale, EUAidVolunteer Communication Officer (GVC Onlus, Italy), and Daniele Bordoli, international civil service volunteer (ASPEm, Italy) - were established between the Secretary of the Italian Embassy, COIBO, AICS (Italian Agency for the Development Cooperation), the Academy of Fine Arts “Hernando Siles”.

]une 1st, 2017: during the afternoon, Michele and Daniele began the transport of the easels previously selected at the Academy of Fine Arts “Hernando Siles”. In total, 13 supports for 24 photos (a couple of images per NGO), plus an information panel (with useful contacts and QR codes) to be placed side by side the NGOs' research materials. With the help of Eduardo, our reliable driver, and Alberto, GVC's Country Representative in Bolivia, we carried the material until the Embassy yard, ready to be assembled the ensuing morning

Photo: Daniele Bordoli

June 2nd, 7 AM: we're ready to assembly the photography exhibition at the Italian Embassy in La Paz. After moving and positioning the easels, we patiently decided distances within images, beware that every picture could be visible from the front gate. Few hours later Clara Ballari, journalist and voluntary (COOPI - Italy), joined us to finalise the last revisions.

Installation and setup phase, the easels. Photo: Daniele Bordoli
Installation and setup phase, the pictures. Photo: Daniele Bordoli
Taking a break, or a funny time off. Photo: Daniele Bordoli
From the left side: Daniele Bordoli, Clara Ballari and Michele Pasquale

And then, we finally took a photo at the presence of the institutional flags: Italy, European Union, Bolivia, native Andean people (Wiphala). But we also had genuine fun improvising a “test bench”, necktie included, waiting for the official photo that would have taken place in few minutes.

June 2nd, 12 AM: beginning of the official public event. We're ready for the photo-exhibition opening. A good moment to take some pictures in elegant style. Here you can see Michele, with his two photos produced for GVC dedicated to the native community project called “QNAS SONI (HOMBRES DEL AGUA): CHIPAYA, ENTRE TRADICION Y TECNOLOGIA, HACIA UN MUNICIPIO RESILIENTE”, and the two images taken for RC (Ricerca e Cooperazione), “Desayuno Escolar Km 0” project. On the left, you can recognise the two GVC's images: portrait of a woman in Chipaya; a construction phase of the traditional “defensivos” (dykes).

Wide vision of the photo-gallery from the main gate of the Italian embassy. From the check-in table to the COIBO's gazebo (info and distribution point of the Italian NGOs' paper-based archive), the guests could admire the exhibit on both sides. At the end of this short footpath, the official greeting with the Ambassador Vigo, and the admission to the embassy park.

Photo: Marco Santizo, MAIS (NGO)

GVC team of work with the responsibles and volunteers of ASPEm, both collaborating to the Chipaya's community development project titled “QNAS SONI” (water men). From the left side: Alberto Schiappapietra, G\/C's Country Representative in Bolivia; Alice Ticli, EUAidVolunteer for GVC; Michele Pasquale, EUAid\/olunteer for GVC; Maria Lujan, Chipaya's Project Coordinator for GVC; Ana Cristina Barbero, Responsible/Coordinator for the Bolivian projects of ASPEm Onlus; Daniele Bordoli, international civil service volunteer (ASPEm); Alejandro Chipana, legal representative of “Persone come Noi" (NGO).

Photo: Michele Pasquale

Daniele with the photos taken for ASPEm, “Manos a la tierra! ” project. He also participated with an image for the Fondazione Don Gnocchi titled "rehabilitación domiciliaria, fisica y intelectual" (community based rehabilitation to physical and intellectual disability).

Photo: Daniele Bordoli

Michele's contribution: on the left side, GVC's native community project "Hombres del Agua"; right side, two images for RC (Ricerca e Cooperazione), “Desayuno Escolar Km 0” project.

This is the first image shown for GVC Bolivia: portrait of a Chipaya woman. This photo was taken during a reportage Michele composed to document the huge plague affecting quinoa plantations on March/April 2017, in the four Ayllus (districts) of Chipaya's municipality. It paints a woman dressed in traditional clothes listening to the guidelines about the necessary community work to contain the plague attack. She's chewing sacred coca leaves in a slow, gentle ritual act, taking them from her coloured purse. The complex chromatic solutions of this one represent her exclusive family legacy

This is the second picture exhibited for GVC Bolivia by Michele: construction of the traditional “defensivos” (water dykes), artificial river banks built to redirect Rio Lauca's flow avoiding seasonal floodings in the village of Chipaya.

Thanks for your attention!

Created By
Michele Pasquale


COIBO photo exhibit: a backstage reportage from the National Republic Day @ Italian Embassy (2nd June, 2017 - La Paz, Bolivia). Enjoy your vision!

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