Photoshop Creative Images My learning Journal February 2019

Class 1

I just was amazed how easy it is to make the pattern look seamless without any further adding and working on the borders. I remember this course from last year that the pattern was made in a very different way. Here its only to choose the right image and the right cut to get it look interesting. I took some pics from a Photographer friend of mine that i am allowed to use and was blown away how fast and easy you can make a really nice stemless seeming pattern from an image. Not much to write but much to do this time! I did many and posted those i found best as kaleidoscope and as pattern.Thanks for the really good lecture .

After watching the life class i had to do some more and i found that it is really very important to zoom in a lot and make them fit a hundred Percent exact. Even one point not matching makes the pattern uneven. Good workflow is to create the first square (I used 2000px X2000px for the final and 1002 px X 1002 px for the four images, 1002 because in order not to get a white line you need to overlap a little and still it needs to fill the 2000px a 100 Percent. ) Inspired from Ross images i used our stones in the desert and will for sure create many and use them! I guess in the end i will even be able to load some to CC for everybody to use.

And of course i needed to test the plus that Hilde showed. To use a brush . Go to Brush choose one and click on the butterfly in the toolbar above and choose Mandala . Be surprised!!! That's amazing and i can t stop to play with this,

And there is endless options to fill, you can scale and if you go from the toolbar panel edit to fill with pattern you can choose a script and fill different. I found a new playground!!

Class 2

Cubism is like standing at a certain point on a mountain and looking around. If you go higher, things will look different; if you go lower, again they will look different. It is a point of view. (Jacques Lipchitz)

Cubism is:...

  • No perspective
  • showing objects from various angles
  • flat, two-dimensional surface
  • breakdown of the subject into cubes and other geometric forms
  • rhythms of shapes colors and patterns

After the australian session i got so many ideas (those that stuck with ideas watch Ross a lot he brings so good examples from his students from himself and from the internet) so i just did the assignment for this class. I did two images one like organic science fiction cubism one a geometric division from many variations from my face from different directions. I actually used on both images the same series of photos i took on my new google Pixel 3 phone! The result is completely different. And i am sure i could fins many more variations if i had time...i enjoyed this assignment a lot and i enjoy to divide and scale my already so not symmetric face...

For this image i followed the following tutorial its really good even if its not for a person. But the fact to use inner shadow makes it look very cubistic.

For this one i combined all layers from different images with gradients to get the impression its just one image. i scaled a lot worked with the liquefy filter and layer styles. In the end i did all black and white with tint and added to overlaying space backgrounds.

Class 3

I really like composition and mainly double exposure there is so many ways to do it. I followed the tutorial of Hilde in the class and i wonder why she did not use clipping masks. I created two different versions with different use of images and shapes, colors, color corrections and pattern overlays. I could play around with all this for days wish i had more time. Double exposure is a fun and easy way to get astonishing effects i think for children its a great start to composition. I liked Ross Video about the cropping and framing and took his ideas to my cropping and framing to get something different. This Video was really inspiring. I tested in the second one double exposure with a shape that i created for the Illustrator Course.

Same composition different colors
Double exposure with shape

Class 4

This was a real fun assignment i followed Hildes Instructions. I took a pic of my daughter in the desert looking through a frame that is not photo shopped but there in real. I separated her from the frame with select subject together with the frame. As i don t feel comfortable to explode my daughter i decided to make the frame explode and protect her inside. I created 2 layers of her on the beneath i did add a glow to make her look like light is behind. Then i created about 15 Layers of the frame alone on transparent background and distorted wrapped and vanished the frames put some in groups merged some and left some alone. I added the background image smaller with the frame alone to put around her head as additional protection. Then i added mask to all frame layers brushed them like shown in Hildes Tutorial by using a triangle brush in different sizes. I played around with layer blending for different layers.

Protected from Explosion -exploding Pixels

Class 5

I really like photo montage and searched for an idea to change history and ethical value. I don t connect to much to old history photos and when searching for free images for inspiration on Pixabay under history i found Mount Rushmore and decided to change G. Washington to Donald Trump. I made the clouds dark above him and the stone set in fire to bring over the message that Trump put himself on a place he does not deserve. I don't know if its ethical correct but i liked the idea and it was very challenging to get Trump into the stone. Still its not perfect he should be still more 3D . I took a free picture of Trump from Pixabay and changed it to fit. I ended up with about 50 layers! And a lot of problems. I used texture overlays and to adjust the colors i found the tutorial attached here. I added clouds with brushes and played with blending modes in layers. I learned a lot and watched many tutorials.

Trump stole Washington's place
Second try still miss somethings.....

Useful tutorial for this class assignment.

Final Reflection

Photoshop is my favorite App i enjoyed each assignment and got a lot of ideas from the content and the life classes and guest speakers. I could do a lot more but there is to many courses running in the same time. And its not possible any more to take courses without assignments. So i actually finish more courses with all homework but i need to do each one in a minimum in order to get it all done. Not sure what is better.

Each assignment is a great idea for a class project.Each could be done on a beginner level until very advanced. Mainly the fist project with the textures is so easy done with really astonishing results. It could be a very good start into photoshop overcoming the real full and complicate interface by creating something very professional looking with very few knowledge and very fast. I did many textures in photoshop with complicate methods to make the texture seem less and this method to use images is so easy and it motivates a lot to do more. Thanks for another really great course!

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