My Childhood By: Katie Boyle

From my childhood, my favorite memories would be when me and my brothers would play many sports and games with the other kids in our neighborhood. Each night, we would all gather and play games together. My family and I loved to travel. We enjoyed going to our condo in Naples, Florida for long periods of time.

These three pictures sum up my childhood. We did a lot of traveling. As shown in the pictures, some of my favorite places included New York, California, and Wisconsin.

My fondest memories were being with my friends and making memories at cheerleading. I always enjoyed making new friends and trying out new sports. My favorite memory was when me and my family went on a cruise. It was the most fun I ever had but I was sadly too young to remember all the details.

This is a picture of my favorite childhood memory when we took a cruise to the Bahamas.

Here is a picture of me on another family vacation when we used to go to our condo in Florida.

I spent the rest of my time playing with my friends.

I was involved in many sports including Irish dance, cheer, basketball, soccer, and volleyball and spent my free time practicing or being with friends. My favorite tv show was always Hannah Montanna. My favorite movie was High School Musical. My favorite sport was Cheerleading. I have been involved in cheerleading for eleven years now.

These three images are pictures of me cheering. The first one was for my Middle School team Saint Cyrils. The second one was at worlds for my competitive all star cheer team. Lastly, this is a picture of me in seventh grade at a football game.

The statement "Childhood is crucial" means that your childhood could determine everything that leads to your future. If you have a depressing childhood, this could negatively effect the rest of your life and behavior. You form many habits when you are a kid whether they are good or bad.

Many doctors have studied childhood because child behavior reveals a lot of human behavior. Some say that children have the best sense of something bad about to occur. Children think completely different than full grown people and it is important to know the difference in their behavior.

I want to study child development because I plan on working with kids in the future. Working with kids is my favorite thing to do. I hope that this class boosts my excitement to start a career with kids in the future.

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