Road Fatalities In Europe Since 2001 by lilah-rose benaym

Road fatalities in Europe

The road fatalities are the the number of people in Europe dying in dying in an road accident. By the years passing, since 2001, the number of people is decreasing. This is a great thing for the future.

Europe's flag

But now let's talk about the math part of this project. How is the graph increasing or decreasing? How it is going to look like in the past few years?

Here are my datas.
Here is my actual graph

The calculations for the lines of best fit.

My linear line of best fit for all my datas.

I have a little comment for my predictions. Because my graph is decreasing so in 2067 and 2112 it's going to be a negative number, this means that there is an amount of people that are borned in an accident, this not right. I also found out that in 2029 0 people are going to die. So I also dida curve line of best fit for all my datas.

Thank you for listening and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

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