1. 1950 - Television
  2. 1950 - Marilyn Monroe
  3. 1951 - The Catcher in The Rye
  4. 1952 - Vaccine
  5. 1952 - England's New Queen
  6. 1953 - Joseph Stalin
  7. 1959 - Castro
  8. 1963 - Malcolm X
  9. 1963 - J.F.K. Blown Away
  10. 1964 - Birth Control
  11. 1983 - AIDS
  12. 1970-80's - Crack


(From left to right): Queen Elizabeth II, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, & J.F.K

England's New Queen

  • Queen Elizabeth II.
  • On February 6th, 1952 she took the throne after her father King George VI passed away.
  • The change of power in Britain was a huge deal since King George had ruled for so long.
  • Billy Joel included the queen in the song due to the significance of the change in power.

Joseph Stalin

  • In 1953 Joseph Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union.
  • The United States did not agree with how he treated his people. He was a ruthless dictator and executed anyone who stood in his way.
  • Billy Joel included him in the song to bring attention to his horrendous actions.


  • In 1959 Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister of Cuba by overthrowing their previous dictator.
  • He wanted Cuba to become a communist country, and work less with the United States.
  • Billy Joel included him to draw attention to communism.

J.F.K. Blown Away

  • On November 22, 1963, the U.S. president, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
  • He was elected in 1960.
  • Billy Joel included him due mourn the loss of the country's president.


(From left to right): Polio vaccine, Birth Control, AIDS ribbon, crack cocaine.


  • The Polio vaccine.
  • Discovered by Jonas Salk in 1952.
  • Billy Joel included this to display the importance of the vaccine during a time that Polio was striking all over the world.

Birth Control

  • Is used to help prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • Was approved for public use in 1960, and became popular two years later, 1962.
  • Billy Joel included it in the song to educate young audiences on the origin of popular medicine.


  • A disease which there is a great loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy.
  • The epidemic struck in the 1980's.
  • Billy Joel included it to educate the public on the disease.


  • An illegal drug derived from coca leaves.
  • It was named crack due to the noise of the drug as it is smoked.
  • It was created by the government in 1984.
  • Billy Joel included it to inform audiences on the origin and time frame of the drugs creation.


(From left to right): Television, Marilyn Monroe, The Catcher in the Rye, Malcolm X


  • Invented in 1927.
  • Receives television signals and reproduces them on a screen.
  • They became popular in the 40's and 50's, and colored TV was introduced in 1951.
  • Billy Joel included it because of the huge role TV played in society.

Marilyn Monroe

  • A sex symbol in her time and a movie star.
  • Her fame began to rise in 1950.
  • It is believed that she had an affair with President Kennedy.
  • Billy Joel included her because of her immense fame.

The Catcher in the Rye

  • A novel published in 1951.
  • It was popular among teenagers because it epitomized their attitudes and feelings.
  • Billy Joel included it to attract teenage audiences.

Malcolm X

  • An African-American Muslim minister who played an important role in the civil rights/human rights movement.
  • He was assassinated in 1965 when he was 40 years old.
  • Billy Joel included him to bring attention to the movement he fought for, and bring equality for black people in America.

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