Hans Holbein the Younger By: Jacob Carroll


Hans Holbein the Younger was born in 1497, Augsburg, Germany. He spent most of his life in London, England and Basel, Switzerland. He gained his artist education from his father, Hans Holbein the Elder. He also apprenticed a Swiss painter Hans Herbster. He lived of off patrons, mostly in Basel and London and had a wife, Anne of Cleves, and had four kids. For art he p altarpieces, portraits, and murals and made designs for woodcuts, stained glass, and jewelry. Some of his works include Dance of Death, The Ambassadors, and a portrait of Sir William Butts. His patrons were country gentlemen from Norfolk, German merchants from the Steelyard in London, and King Henry VIII and his court. He painted using Naturalism and Perspectivism. He used Naturalism because he would paint portraits of people doing what they usually do, and uses light tones and patterns. He used Perspectivism because he applies 3-d into his paintings.

The Ambassadors

Holbien, Hans. The Ambassadors. 1533. National Portrait Gallery, London

The Ambassadors was made in 1533. You can see this painting know at National Portrait Gallery, London. A significant thing in this painting is the skull at the bottom of the painting because it shows that even strong men like these will face death. Another significant thing in this painting is the crucifix in the top left corner showing eternal life after death. I think the skull and the crucifix makes this piece very interesting. It makes a very simple looking painting into deeper meanings. This painting uses naturalism because it shows the ambassadors what they naturally do.

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