Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter June 21st 2019

Principals Message

Hello everyone. This morning (Monday) I sat in with B8 kindergarten class for their mat session and what a hoot!! Mrs Mulder was hilarious!! So uninhibited!! She read the well known story Hattie the Hen with such animation. The students enjoyed her rendition so much. They were engaged and responsive!! The adults in the classroom did too. I also observed the students saying thank you spontaneously. I was very impressed!! I left B8 smiling and found myself smiling as I did my paperwork. Thanks Mrs Mulder and B8!!

On Thursday last week, Mrs McCaw and Mrs Shoebridge planted Rosemary and Kangaroo Paws in the Calming Garden. They did an excellent job. I have enclosed both a photo of our gardening ladies and Mrs McCaw’s boots too, outside the classroom. In the cold, wet, deep south of New Zealand farm workers go into town and leave their boots outside shops. They shop in their socks. The boots outside the classroom brought back many memories of my youth. Thanks for that Mrs McCaw and Mrs Shoebridge. On the following day Mr Wilson and Mr Celenza put up fencing around the newly established garden to allow the plants to ‘take.’ We are all looking forward to the garden flourishing. We have noticed that our students enjoy touching and sniffing the leaves of Rosemary plants. The leaves will be put to some good use for flavouring in some cooking sessions, too I imagine.

We are experimenting with a new look newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Di Harper, Principal.

Gumboots outside H4
Mrs McCaw and Mrs Shoebridge

AEIIP Classroom News

The students in B8 are busy working on Discrete trials. Discrete Trials entail one on one training at the student’s desks. During Discrete Trial students learn skills such as adaptive behaviors, visual performance, receptive language, motor imitation, vocal imitation, labelling, intraverbals, play and leisure, phonological awareness reading and maths. Each Discrete trail is individualised to the student’s abilities. In the photo, Charlie is working on matching pictures. This comes under the visual performance section of Discrete Trials. Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

Charlie matching pictures

The students in B8 are extending their play dough skills by using their imagination to create objects. Phoebe made a heart because she wanted to make something very special. Theodora made a cupcake for Miss Dawson and George rolled out his play dough and then used a cutter to make a mouse. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

Theodora making her cupcake.
Phoebe working hard with play doh.

B9 Classroom News

Over the past couple of weeks our students have thoroughly enjoyed the ten pin bowling programme, which is has been held at the Cannington Bowling Alley. Our practice in the classroom, together with social stories to prepare them, proved invaluable. I feel certain that for some students this will become a fun activity to do with their parents in future years. They all demonstrated great patience, queueing quietly and listening to teacher instructions. For these students, this is an excellent indicator of the potential to successfully to participate in the schools Community Access Training Programme (CATP). Everyone waited their turn and really seemed to enjoy having a go. In the classroom we have been busy conducting assessments in preparation for end of term reporting. I am so pleased that lots of students have made excellent progress across a number of learning areas. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

Elexis enjoying Bowling.
Rory having fun at Bowling.

H3 Classroom News

A big thank you to the Tan’s family for sending in a huge bag of Duplo for our students. Our students have been engaging in imaginary play and love the little figures and vehicles. New resources are always appreciated in the classrooms if you are clearing out your toy cupboards. Our students have been engaged in learning emotions and the sign for the specific emotion. Mr. Wilson has read the students the story of “The Three Bears”. The students have then practised their signs to show the emotions of happy, sad, angry and scared through the feelings of the bears and Goldilocks. It is very pleasing to see some students’ both verbalising and signing emotions to explain how they are feeling during the course of the day and nonverbal students using signs. Pat Ellery and Darran Wilson, Teachers.

Alyda demonstrating the emotion scared.
Caleb demonstrating the emotion scared.

H4 Classroom News

H4 are such Maths superstars that they are now doing activities such as counting to 100, addition, shapes and their properties (corners/edges and sides), working with calculators, telling time, learning about money and the list goes on!! Sometimes there are not enough hours in the week, but we manage to squeeze all our learning in! The students are really enjoying using calculators and love pressing the buttons and seeing numbers appear. They have been matching numbers on the calculator to numbers found around the classroom. Dana Langridge, Teacher

Sebastian working hard during Maths
Charles using his calculator to compute accurately

B1 Classroom News

Ginger with the laundry

The laundry tasks never stop in B1. As soon as one batch is done then another appears, towels, uniforms, you name it we’ve washed it! We have also been entering lots of competitions recently. Riley Green has enjoyed sticking the Woolworths stickers on the Earn and Learn sheets. We have entered the West Australian/ Sunday Times Cash for Class too. Jonathan looked like he had been on an SAS special ops mission on Thursday after cutting out loads of vouchers, his face was covered in black newsprint! Neil Rose, Teacher.

Jonathan busy cutting out the West Australian Classroom Cash entries

Chaplain News

On Tuesday I worked with the year five girls in B1. Each week we will doing a craft activity and we will be learning about protective behaviours and how to keep safe. The girls really enjoyed making our feelings faces. Stephanie Sanderson, Chaplain.

Respect Awards

Every Monday morning at Assembly our Principal, Mrs Harper, hands out Respect Awards to those students who have shown self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. The recipients of the Respect Awards over the past two weeks are:

Week Seven: Blake (B1) Enoch (H4) Erika (B1) Aaron (B9)

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