Katherine Raines Ole Miss Pharmacy Stellar Student

Third-year Ole Miss student pharmacist Katherine Raines is pretty "paw-some!" Raines is the Jackson secretary for Rebel Vets, the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists student organization at Ole Miss, and recently received the Pharmacists Mutual/American College of Apothecaries Foundation Community Pharmacy travel grant to attend the ACA/ACVP Annual Conference and Expo in St. Pete Beach, Florida earlier this year. Learn more about Katherine Raines!


Hickory, Mississippi

Educational History

Newton County High School

Associate of Science - East Central Community College

BSPS - University of Mississippi

Why Pharmacy?

I found my love for pharmacy in my 10th grade chemistry class. We were reformulating a compound and I thought, "How cool is this?" and "What job is out where that I could do this every day?" Immediately, I job shadowed at a compounding/infusion center, and I couldn’t believe this field existed. I could make a medication that would be easier for a patient to use and could improve their quality of life. From that moment on, I decided that I was going to be a pharmacist. Choosing pharmacy has been one of the best decisions that I have made. I've learned that being a pharmacist is more than just making sure a patient's medication is correct. It’s also about listening and talking to your patient and treating them as an equal to help improve their care.

Why Ole Miss?

Ole Miss was the first four-year college I visited when I was young. It has a wonderful atmosphere and the most gorgeous campus. It felt open but homey all at the same time. After hearing that it was the only pharmacy school in Mississippi at the time, I knew it was fate. I always felt like an Ole Miss girl even though my wonderful sister and father are MSU graduates.

What inspired you to apply for the travel grant, and how did it feel to receive it?

I have been a member of American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists for many years, but never felt worthy enough for this honor. However, a fellow recipient and Ole Miss student, Alex Gochenauer, repeatedly encouraged me to apply for the travel grant. When I received it, I was elated. It is exciting that ACA/ACVP has this opportunity for student pharmacists to attend their conference and network with some of the most important people in our field. I was thrilled to attend my first ACA/ACVP annual conference, and I hope to do it again when I am a pharmacist.

What did you take away from the conference?

This is my first ACA/ACVP conference, so I left with a vast knowledge of different aspects of compounding and veterinary pharmacy. All of the veterinary continuing education seminars were about topics that I never would have thought related to animals. The compounding seminars talked about "hot topics" with an emphasis on CBD oil in the field of pharmacy, which is quite an important issue these days.

Career Goals

I intend to complete a residency in veterinary pharmacy after graduation. I have been interested in veterinary pharmacy since my first year in pharmacy school, and it has been an exciting journey working to achieve this goal. After gaining clinical knowledge in the field, I would like to work at an aquarium or a zoo as a pharmacist on staff.

Favorite Animal

This is my least favorite question, because how can I pick just one? However, I do own a cat button-down shirt, so I guess that could be self-explanatory.

Katherine's cat, Middy

Favorite Class


Favorite Meal

Pad thai from Faraway Places; king crab covered in butter with a medium-rare steak

What do you enjoy outside of class?

Reading the Harry Potter books (again), playing fetch with my gorgeous cat Middy, building puzzles and gluing them with my husband, baking

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