Pima : Shipbreaker " This is once in a lifetime "

Austin Wackrow

"This is a once in a lifetime." This is a quote from my character Pima, it represents how she doesn't have a lot a money and doesn't get a lot of chances to do things. That is why she doesn't want to blow the chance she's getting right now to make some money. Also, it's not just her it's her and her best friend Nailer. They are in this together.

Pima is a very interesting girl and she's very special in different ways, and i think one way would be by the music she listens to. Judging by how tough she is and how she doesn't give upon anything or anyone i think she'd listen to music that pumps her up. Such as a really loud fast pace good song. I think her favorite song would be " Run This Town " by Rihanna and Jay Z. Listening to thus would make her feel and act just how she does, I would know from experience.

Pima is part of a ship raiding group with her mom and her best friend Nailer. The leader of this group is Nailer's drunken, drug-addicted father Richard. He's very strict and pima is scared of him sometimes. Especially when he threatens to cut her open, well i mean who wouldn't be scared in that situation. She raids washed up clipper ships after the get blown to shore by a storm. What she finds get shared with her whole group but they sell this extra stuff they steal from the boat to make money and that's how they make a living. Besides all that Pima has had a really rough life. She doesn't know who her dad is or what happened to him, her mother said he died but she just doesn't believe it. She doesn't eat a lot because of their money problems but yet she's still very big. Pima is also black unlike her best friend Nailer who's white. So, in a nutshell, that's Pima just a tough girl shipbreaking for a living.

My Blog

Hi guys my name's Pima and in this blog i'll be telling you about my rough encounter with a dead girl, well, kind of dead girl. Earlier today me and Nailer found a clipper ship washed up ashore and it hadn't been raided yet. I said to Nailer, we better get out of here if your dad finds us trying to raid an unknown ship he'll kill us. But as you know Nailer, he went ahead and started exploring the ship with no care in the world about being caught. I had to follow I couldn't just leave him there so I went in. I entered a long hallway with rooms every ten yards on both sides. I took a look in one and i just turned away, a room full of creepy dolls. Who would ever fill a dark room with dolls, what's wrong with people. Then i realized, those could make so much money so i reminded myself to come back there. I met up with nailer after exploring one part and we moved to the next. There were dead corpses every once in a while but we were used to it, all we do is raid ships. But we stopped at one, a young girl about our age gold and diamonds all over her hands and neck. I thought to myself how easy that is to hide and how much i make off it, so i went to grab it. Until the so called "dead" body moved. This girl wounded horribly was alive and me and Nailer had no idea what to do. " We need to kill her," Nailer exclaimed. We can't she's just a girl i argued back. I wondered, where do we keep her, how do we help her, do we keep or or kill her. It took a lot of debating but we finally came to a conclusion. Check in on my next blog to find out what happened.

Pima doesn't have much she can do because of her money crisis, but she still has some fun. All Pima really has fun doing is ship breaking. She loves it so much next year she's going to try to get on heavy crew with all the older people. She really tales any chances she gets to make a little bit of money so she has no time for anything else. Pima doesn't say she really is interested in anything or say any of her favorite things in this world, but I'm sure she has a lot of fun living her extreme, crazy life.

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