Maybe They Deserve to Die @lyricalmadd

maybe reminders are necessary/

maybe the facts escaped us/

maybe, just maybe, some of us can't connect the dots/

maybe we are all too busy getting ours, surviving and thriving/

maybe it's hard to deal with the real/

maybe you're a fucking fake/

maybe you really ain't the Christian you say you are/

maybe fantasies about it make us feel better/

maybe you're on some bullshit/

maybe we think that it will get better/

maybe we don't give a fuck/

maybe it's not your problem/

maybe you want it this way/

maybe you cry, like i do/

maybe you want to fight/

maybe it's time for justice/

maybe the excuses have run out/

1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population are black/

maybe that's incorrect/

maybe we're bad at math/

between 1980 through 2008, 93 percent of blacks were killed by blacks/

maybe they deserve to die/

maybe not/

maybe it's too hard/

maybe we gave up

time to say, "uncle"/

whose side are you on? nigga


Created with images by Monoar - "gun bullet pistol"

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