Peaceful protests Marches

Maches have been used for several peaceful protests and are used for expressing your beliefs and fighting for what is right. A peaceful protest is a nonviolent action and is the dissaproval of something. The use of marches have been around for centuries. Examples of some very well known marches are the march on Washington, the March from Selma to Montgomery.

The picture to the far left is the March on Washington and the last photo is the March from Selma to Montgomery.

March on Washington: August 28, 1963

The March on Washington is one of the most famous and well known peaceful protests of all time. The main contributor to this protest was named Martin Luther King junior he used speeches in Montgomery to spark the rage and thirst for equal rights in the black community. This march was used for jobs and the equal rights of all blacks. This March took a total of one day to complete and was in Washington, D.C. A total of 250,000 people joined in this mermorable moment in history. On this day Martin Luther King gave one of his most famous speeches which was the I have a dream speech. This speech explained to the people there that he wanted his future kids to have the rights and equality that Martin Luther King wasn't able to have. He was dreaming for equality, freddom, and the rights he was born with as a human being. This speech and march was pressuring the administration of John f. Kennedy to begin giving the race of all blacks the civil rights they deserve. This moment in history then created much more marches and made the people want to strive for their rights and not to back down.

This picture shows the hundred thousands of people at the I have a dream speech created by Martin Luther King. You can see that they are holding singns that explain that the blacks wanted more jobs and to be payed as equal as whites.

March from Selma to Montgomery: March 7, 1965

The March from Selma to Montgomery is known as Bloody Sunday to many people across the country. This March was a protest for the illegal disenfranchisement of thousands of black people from Alabama. This means that the government was not allowing blacks to vote in Alabama which is illegal. As you can tell from the title of the March, around 600 civil rights demonstrators started a March from the town of Selma to Montgomery the capital city of Alabama. This entire March took a total of five days to reach their destination in Montgomery and a total of 54 miles. The reason why it is called the "bloody Sunday" is because as the citizens were peacefully protesting the police started attacking the protesters very violently with tear gas, fire hoses, clubs, and many more lethal weapons. Fortunately, this violence led to the outrage of many Americans across the country and opened up their minds to the civil rights movement. After the horrible violence that took place many more marches took place in Selma that lead to some deaths including a man named Jimmie lee Jackson. This man was shot by a state trooper for wanting to protect his wife from being beaten with a nightstick. After his death many people became infuriated and strived to earn the equality they deserve.

As you can see there are several police beating several innocent black men and peaceful protesters. They are not fighting back at all.

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