Evolving the MBL Brand Introducing Our Updated Logo

Branding has a vital role in achieving MBL’s growth objectives.

It helps to. . .

– create a memorable first impression

– enhance understanding of our work

– demonstrate our impact

Why change?

A brand is not a static thing. Like all brands, ours must also evolve to reflect the times.

For example, the brands below have been evolving over the years. Moving from complex to simple—while retaining their iconic elements.

Here’s an example of a peer institution that recently rebranded.

Why now?

The world has moved online.

The legacy seal is too complex in digital environments.

To better align with—and leverage the eminence of—the University of Chicago brand.

How are we aligning with the University of Chicago brand?

The University recently launched a new logo system. Our evolved brand has been created within this framework to bring visual uniformity and enhance our brand by association with the University.

First, we took inspiration from the seal that is the bedrock of our brand.

Focusing on the seahorse as the most iconic and dominant element in our legacy seal.

Second, we focused on going from the complex to the simple, reflecting industry best practices.

Our new icon

How it all works together

We have created a family of brand assets that all work in unison.

How it looks in practice

We are taking a multiphased approach. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for supporting us in the past and as we venture into the future.