Be Healthy / Be Happy April Issue

Mindfulness: Renewal Within

The beginning of Spring is a time to listen and a time to feel. One can hear the song birds playing their cheerful melody in the early morning and drops of fresh rain outside ones window on an overcast day. One can feel the cool air from an overnight rainstorm and the warm sun enlightening our core that seemed absent for far too long covered by a winter gloom. Spring is a time of natural growth and renewal. Nature begins its transformation and life seems to sprout from every corner filling the outside world with tones of purples, reds, and seemingly endless shades of green. We can celebrate this renewal and share in its gifts for we are interconnected with nature. The external change observed is also an internal change for sentient beings as well. The energy inside us is changing throughout this transition. This is a very subtle feeling but existing nonetheless. This is a time to re-evaluate new years resolutions and allowing oneself to acknowledge what we failed to live up to and let it go. Take this time to sit and breathe. Breathe in the fresh air while taking in all of what nature has to offer. Breathe out whatever one feels the need to let go. Recognize how renewal occurs within oneself as it does in nature. Meditation can help recognizing these subtleties and help discover the Renewal Within.


Energy levels have been proposed and believed to exist by many people throughout the world. Yogis believe, through ancient Indian teachings, that there are 7 energy fields or Chakras within us. When these Chakras are opened, we are balanced. Read more below about each Chakra and its relation to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Click below to watch a video on the Science of Chakras.

The Science of Meditation

Culadesa John Yates has taught neuroscience and now teaches meditation. Combining scientific study and original meditation practices benefits his students to have a firm understanding of meditation teachings. Watch the video below for more information on awareness and meditation practice.

Fitness: Get Outside!

Erin Jenkins visited three hiking/walking spots around Madison and decided to write a little review of each in hopes that people will get outside and get moving! See below.

1- New Glarus Woods State Park

Details: This is a winding trail, which allows for elevation climbs (mild) and good scenery. Features forest and meadow type landscapes. Easy to moderate in difficulty. Downside, it was super muddy while I was there, so maybe a better hike for June when things start to dry up. Added bonus- This hike brings you close to the New Glarus Brewery! Treat yourself to a beer after your hike, I know I did :) Overall rating= 3/5

2- Indian Lake County Park:

Details: This is my favorite hike yet! Forested for the majority of the time, it makes you feel like your lost in the woods (don't worry the trail is super easy to navigate) This is a moderate to difficult hike, so be ready for big jaunts up hills and feeling out of breath! The trail is around 3-3.6 miles depending on your route, and is overall a wonderful way to get your workout in for the day. Also, for folks with dogs, there is an adjacent large dog park where they can go off leash after finishing on the trail with you. Overall rating=4/5

3- Turville Point Conservancy

Details: A short hike , but the view is hard to beat! This trail is under 2 miles, and is easy in terrain. A long portion of the trail is along the lakefront, so you get picturesque views of the capital and of the lake itself. Being that I went during winter & the lake was frozen over, it was also a great place to walk on the ice & increase your hiking milage! I think this is a great trail to do if your just starting out with hiking/walking or want to ease into the season. Overall rating=3/5

Please stay tuned for more health related reviews! Sneak peak for next month: One involves being covered in Himalayan salt & the other facing my extreme fear of heights for the sake of a good work-out.

Nutriton: Healthy Fats

This is the time of year people revisit their New Year’s resolutions, post-winter/pre-swimsuit season. The audible buzz of people volunteering diet tips and tricks can be both confusing and overwhelming. One of the buzz terms floating around this year is “healthy fats”. But what are healthy fats? And can eating fat really be healthy? Is this just another food fad or is there some substance behind this trend? Though it may sound counter-intuitive, certain types of fats are healthy for you. “Essential fats like polyunsaturated fat lower LDL and triglycerides, boost cholesterol profile.” This was written in a Harvard article in 2015. Click on the icon to see the full article below and continue to scroll down for more information on healthy fats.

Consumption of these essential fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, can help treat:

➢ High Cholesterol (it can help lower triglycerides and raise HDL)

➢ High Blood Pressure

➢ Heart disease

➢ Lower levels of Chronic inflammation

You may have heard of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). That is because they are two of the most beneficial acids in the Omega 3 fatty acid spectrum.

Additionally, some foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids also have Vitamin D3. Since we just experienced limited seasonal, it is especially important to eat foods that contain Vitamin D3. This essential nutrient can help improve bone health, heart health, and lift your mood for the spring.

If you want to learn more, Dr. Cate Shanahan’s interview on Balanced Bites provides a good overview of how incorporating healthy fats into your diet can be beneficial:

Below is an outline of some foods that contain healthy fats. Try adding some of these to your grocery list:

Treat yourself! Find creative ways to add healthy fats to your diet, such as black bean brownies with… avocado! Black beans are a great source of dietary fiber/protein and a tasty vehicle for healthy fats such as coconut and avocado oil. Also, this snack can help shake up the standard “healthy fats routine” of guacamole, fruit-masked smoothie, EVOO salad etc. Below is good base recipe for black bean avocado brownies! I would definitely consider using less sugar or ideally Stevia as a substitute.

Quote of the Month

“As wave is driven by wave and each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead, so time flies on and follows, flies, and follows, always, for ever and new. What was before Is left behind; what never was is now; and every passing moment is renewed.” - Ovid, Metamorphoses

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