James GOals/DreaMs

Crested Butte

Move to Altlanta, Crested Butte, or California, or stay here.

Get good grades while I'm in school

Be kind to people and smile lots

Eat healthy

Get a good job that I enjoy

Have a pet dog

Play lots of tennis

Make money

Become an Eagle Scout

Get into Stanford

Have a cool car.

Created By
James Kull


Created with images by Thanks for over 2 million views!! - "Florida's Best (Explored)" • docoverachiever - "Step by step, breath by breath.jpg" • thebarrowboy - "285/365 Relief" • ~Pawsitive~Candie_N - "smile" • WordRidden - "Salad composée" • patrykdzido - "pen office fountain pens" • Bob Haarmans - "Sunny_02-5148.jpg" • Freeimages9 - "ball racket white" • torbakhopper - "i'm too sexy for this shirt : san francisco (2012)" • Rennett Stowe - "Eagle Scout Badge" • automobileitalia - "Il favoloso mondo di Tesla Motors - Marzo 2016"

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