Self Designed Exhibit 1

  • Week 1 Day 1: baked spaghetti
  • nutrition chapter 15
  • Week 1 Day 2: hamburger helper
  • astronomy lab report
  • Week 1 Day 3: McDonalds hamburger
  • management chapter 19

The first week I'm not sure if it was eating or just the structure given to when my homework was done, but i definitely felt more focused and got pretty decent grades on every assignment that i completed during this week. One thing i would like to add to this week of the experiment would be healthier meals and maybe incorporate some meal planning. One thing i would do differently would be restricting myself to doing my homework in one place

  • Week 2 Day 1: Nutrition chapter 16
  • Week 2 Day 2: Psychotherapy paper
  • Week 2 Day 3: Management Chapter 21

This week there was definitely a difference in the outcome grades wise. This however was probably due to the sheer amount of work that had to go into my psychotherapy paper. It was a 25 page case conceptualization of Jeffrey Dahmer in a Freudian style.


I think that overall eating at a certain time made me structure the rest of my day around knowing that had to be done. It also allowed me the freedom of knowing i didn't have to do any homework before 5. Whether or not this is something i'll be able to sustain is something I would be interested in during the summer.


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