• Carissa Kregenow: Director of Communications & Development, LUO
  • Connie Allison: Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies
Our November 29th meeting was catered by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Once again, Cisco Jabber proved to be the right tool for our online student members to connect with the meeting. Additionally, the active learning rooms in the Jerry Falwell Library proved to be the perfect place to host this month's meeting

Library Tools

The floor was given to Carissa Kregenow, who initiated discussion around the use of the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL). The conversation centered around how often students visited the physical library vs. working from the JFL's web presence.

  • Students opted to use the website far more than planning a visit to the building.
  • Students wished the search options were better displayed so that topic & database searches were easier to locate & work in. NOTE: Connie Allison pointed out the location of database search functionality to the group.
  • Students wished for search results that focused on available resources.

Citrix Receiver

Nathan revisited the Citrix Receiver pilot that was introduced in the previous meeting. Each STC member received their credentials. They were shown how to access the virtual environment. Nathan asked them to work in the environment over the coming week & provide feedback via email.

NOTE: STC members who are unable to log in should email to report the issue.


Three new ideas had been submitted via Spitball since the November 1st meeting. Nathan had the STC members log into the app & vote for each of the ideas. He also reinforced the ability to comment on the new ideas with their own thoughts.

  • Connecting Other Devices: Students stated there are still places where devices are arbitrarily disconnected from the network. Josh reinforced that certain devices will not work with LU's network. IT COMS will establish communication around the known devices that will not work at LU.
  • Communicating Number of Available Meal Swipes: The consensus was that this information should be located in both myLU & the Liberty Today app. It was also stated the amount of time remaining until the week's meal swipes reset be communicated.
  • Orders Announced at Doc's Diner: Students would like to see Doc's Diner order numbers be presented on monitors as they are in the Tilley Student Center. Currently, orders are announced by Staff. This has proven problematic for patrons due to the layout of the diner.

Virtual Reality Across Campus

Josh brought up the topics of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & 360 degree video. He asked the group for any anecdotal feedback & for ideas on how to integrate these new technologies into university life, both personal & academic.

  • Student suggested deas including virtual tours for CFAW, large engine maintenance simulators for Aviation, & historical reenactment environments for Biblical Studies.
  • Josh expounded on these ideas, then spoke about interdisciplinary partnerships to make these ideas (& so much more) possible within the University community. The idea would be to have multiple schools/departments work to create content that could be shared internally & externally.

Josh also spoke to the idea of LU IS working with different schools/departments to create "technology nooks" where students could check out & work with the new tools needed for these VR, AR, & 360 videos. These nooks would be facilitated by LU IS, then managed by the individual school. The goal would be for students to overcome any fear of unknown technology & provide content that could be used to advertise the technology's practical uses across the University.

Council members (online & residential) sharing feedback during group discussion.


As referenced during the session, Spitball is an application developed by LU IT. It's purpose is to collect ideas from our group & allow the group to vote "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on any submission. Additionally, council members may leave thoughts or further comment on any submission. IT COMS will be monitoring Spitball between council meetings to gather ideas as they are submitted. The goal is to create future meeting agendas based on the callouts submitted though the app.


As ideas are assigned for work across the different divisions, IT COMS will list the work on the "Impact" Page. This page lists out all the work (projects, programs, or other initiatives) that has been launched as a result of direct interaction with the STC:

  • Completed work is marked with a completion date & a green check mark.
  • Initiatives that have launched but will routinely update are marked with three green dots.
  • Projects that have been acknowledged, assigned, and are currently being tackled are marked with three yellow dots.



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Group photos taken by Nathan McGlothlin.

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