Jeffrey Dahmer By: jayme maras

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21st, 1960, in Milwaukee. When Jeffrey was still very young his father worked long hours in his laboratory and his mother worked as a teletype machine instructor, he had a fairly normal childhood. as he grew older, however, he became withdrawn and uncommunicative. he lost any interest in hobbies or social interactions around the ages of 10-15. he began to gain an interest in weirder things, such as dead animals. once in high school, he began to drink more heavily, which would continue to be an issue throughout his lifetime. One thing that is said to have influenced Dahmer for his lifetime is when he was diagnosed with a double hernia that needed to be operated on. This operation left Jeffrey feeling open and exposed, leaving him confused and unknowing.

As Dahmer grew older, his drinking continually got worse, and his fascination with dead animals also grew. He moved in with his grandmother in Florida, and his behavior became increasingly worse and more strange as time went on. His grandmother went on to find a .357 magnum under his bed along with a male mannequin in his closet. Dissecting dead animals in the basement of her house was not uncommon for Dahmer to do. He was arrested in 1982 (pictured below) and again in 1986, for indecent exposure. all of these factors led up to his grandmother making Jeffrey move out in the summer of 1988.

Dahmer, mug shots of arrest in 1982.

Dahmer moved out of his grandmothers apartment, only to get arrested a day later for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year old boy. He was sentenced to a year at a work release camp, where he was released two months early, right before the murders began. Dahmer began murdering with his first kill in 1978. He picked up a hitchhiker, whose name was Steven Hicks, and offered to give him a ride. Dahmer attacked him with a dumbbell, buried his body in the yard, and admitted to killing him because he didn't want him to leave. Nine years would pass before Dahmer killed again.

in 1987, Dahmer struck again, killing his second victim, Tuomi. Dahmer picked him up from a bar, and killed him. He also stated that he had no memory of committing this crime. The murders began to be more common after this one, more sporadic. He wasn't caught until 1991, in return he kept one of his victims skulls. A boy was found walking down the streets, drugged, in 1991. He was 14, and two women called 911 for help. Dahmer chased down the boy, and proceeded to kill him and keep his skull. He began to try and "zombify " his victims, in order to use them for future use. The killings soon turned into weekly occurrences, and residents began to smell the odor that Dahmer's bodies that he was keeping in his apartment were giving off.

victims, and mug shot.

Once his house began to get investigated, the police found a severed head in the fridge, three more severed heads in the apartment, photos of the victims, and human remains in his refrigerator. later in the investigation, they discovered that Dahmer had practiced with necrophilia and cannibalism. He was charged with 15 accounts of murder, after being indicted with 17 murder charges. Dahmer was sentenced to 957 years in prison, and eventually began to wish for his own death.

Jeffrey Dahmer, jail.

The Jeffrey Dahmer case could've been better solved if when the murders began happening, the police got more involved and looked into more detail of what happened. When Dahmer got caught with the 14-year old boy that was wandering, police should've further investigated him instead of just handing the boy back over, with no questions asked on how he got drugged or anything of that sort. The case could've also been more efficiently solved if once the killings started happening more often, they looked more into them, and could've linked them together.

Jeffrey Dahmer's case could help us solve better crimes in the future, as providing better ideas on how to link cases together. It also could help us learn how killers have tendencies sometimes, or why they do certain things. Their childhoods could also lead up to why or how they did these killings.

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