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What does be a football player means?

means that you have to wear the jacket of the team and all the girls are supposed to date with you because you are a football player and the girls fall in love every time that you see them

You have to go to the gym frequently and have bigs muscles, and you have to show them

You have to have a great cheerleaders cheering your game because you are really good at this

People have to support you because you are playing one of the most popular sport in USA

But sometimes you have to sacrifice some things because you are playing one of the hardest sport and you have to be fitness

You have to workout everyday that you have practices

Maybe you don't have too much time to study or do other things because you have practices and you will be tired

Be a football player also means that you are really grateful in the school

You have to be really good if you want to be in a football team and make varsity, you have to be really proud of yourself if you did it.


not everyone make a football player in high school, so if made it, you have to be proud of yourself because that means that you are good in something

You can feel like your team believes in you and everybody want to get the same goals than you. You also can feel the people (lots of people) that come to your game and support you

You can meet more people. You will have hard work so you will know what is the glory when you win a game. You will develop your skills.

You will develop your mind as a team


you will have practices every day so maybe sometimes you have to say no to other plans that you like them, but you have to go to practices.

People will think that you are a popular person and maybe they will think bad things about you

People will like to be your friend because you are good in something. People will have imaginary sociology about who you are and what they expect that you have to do, how to act, how to think... (Positive and negatives things)

What people think about them?

they have a big ego, and they think that they are the best people and the most popular at TA
they think that they superior of the rest of the people, they have to be in the group of popular kids and they have to wear their uniforms
they only care about football and they don't care about do well in school, so they don't have really good grades in school because they care a lot of doing well in the sport that they practice, they think that they are coo
they have bad grades and they are in the popular group because they play football players

In which group I am in?


I think that if you ask people in TA they will say that I am an international student because I am from Spain

I am homestay and my first language is not English (people that is in my group have the same characteristics than me because they speak other languages)

We just wanna learn English, meet new people and be graduated from a American school

Some people that is in my group dress different than Americans or have different cultures than Americans and maybe you can know that they are in this group because them face have characteristics different than Americans

Maybe at the begging of they year they are very shy because they don't know really well English and they are afraid to speak with people, or maybe they are adapting in a new lifestyle


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