Experiencing A Live Performance by: Katie Lee

Spatial Experience

This wasn't my first time going to a live play but it was my first time in the Constans Theater. It was interesting seeing all the people who were talking loudly at the beginning immediately quiet down when the lights dimmed. I think how comfortable a person is in a space and in new spaces is important in facilitating the "good life"

Standing in the lobby waiting to go in!

Social Experience

I went to the play with a close friend of mine. It changed my experience of going to the play because it put me at ease. I am a very shy and socially anxious person so going with someone I know helped me enjoy the performance more. I didn't do a lot to get ready but it was very cold outside so I wore a jacket to stay warm.

waiting for the play to start

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

To be honest, I didn't know anything about the play before going. The play really opened up my eyes to how historically child labour was in play and the relationships between entertainment and religion. The play was about many things; the struggle of the poor, the problems in family, and the unique hardships of people. Hearing the actors talking about developing their characters was really informative on the time period the characters lived and the reasoning behind their actions.

Leaving the theater after the show!

Emotional Experience

The acting was very good and added to the emotion and personalities of the characters. The sense of catharsis or Katharsis, that people can experience from the play is kind of selfish. They see the horrible people in the play and they can feel better about themselves. However there is an unselfish catharsis in the play. The whole reason why people like plays like this is there sense of empathy. They feel and can relate to the struggles of the characters and seeing how the characters resolve their problems releases tension and gives people hope that they can solve their own.


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