Around Javelina Nation September 23, 2017-September 29, 2017

Our latest edition of Javelina Today is available! Look for it across campus in College Hall, the Student Union Building or in various other locations. In this issue you'll be introduced to Miss TAMUK 2017, learn about the exciting opportunities that several of our students experienced abroad this summer and take a glimpse into our #JavelinaNation hashtag on social media.

More than 120 students presented their research during the 10th Annual Javelina Research Symposium. The annual symposium allows undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from all academic programs to present their research with a poster session and to see the research being conducted by other students.

Join us for the fun and festivities of Family Weekend on October 6 and 7! Game rooms, snow cones and contests are just a few of the great things we have in store. For more information contact Student Activities at 361-593-2760 or visit the website below.

Horticulture student, Amanda Maria Lewis, has spent time in many beautiful places around the world, but is currently calling Kingsville home. The 33-year-old was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and grew up in Monterrey and Saudi Arabia before finding herself in Texas. She expects to graduate in May 2020.

Why did you decide to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville?

I attended A&M-Kingsville as an undergraduate because my sister received her bachelor’s degree here, and highly recommended it. I left to get my master’s at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. When I was looking for Ph.D. programs, the opportunity to do a collaborative Ph.D. with A&M-Kingsville and A&M-College Station arose. I chose to return because of the awesome support network of faculty in the agriculture department.

Did you conduct research on the university prior to making your decision?

The factors that led me to choose this program were my experiences as an undergraduate student and the flexibility in research topics.

Describe campus life at A&M-Kingsville.

I find A&M-Kingsville to be the perfect sized campus. It is large enough that there is always something to do; from student organization activities, to sporting events, to group classes at the gym. However, it is not so large, that students become anonymous. It’s small enough to get to know professors and classmates.

Do your professors take the time to ensure you fully understand the content you’re being taught?

Professors were always accessible for questions and guidance. It came across clearly in almost every class that the professor was passionate about their field and excited to share their knowledge with students. Class sizes were small enough that professors were able to recognize and challenge the students who excelled, or offer assistance to those who struggled.

Are you involved in any organizations on-campus? If so, have they made your college experience more worthwhile?

As an undergrad I was a part of the Student Sustainability Advisory Council. My participation allowed me to meet with like-minded students and develop a sustainability plan for A&M-Kingsville. I look forward to participating in student organizations as a Ph.D. student as well.

What research are you currently focusing on?

My research plan is still in development. I will be working with horticultural plant, and citrus physiology, specifically stress response. I hope to work with thermal imaging to monitor physiological responses to UV light stress, and correlate the response to the presence of stress compounds in plants. The goal would be to identify plant stress with thermal imaging, which is quick and non-destructive.

How do you think this research will prepare you for your future career?

I plan to pursue a career in horticulture research. My Ph.D. research will teach me field and laboratory methods for plant science research, as well as experimental design and implementation. In the course of my Ph.D. I will also learn the ins and outs of grant writing and publishing.

What do you think makes Texas A&M University—Kingsville unique?

The faculty is what makes the university unique for me. They sincerely want every student to succeed and share their knowledge. I started as an undergrad without a clear plan. Now, I know exactly why I’m here and where I’m going thanks to their guidance.

Does living in a small town like Kingsville make it easier to focus on your graduate studies, as opposed to living in the hustle and bustle of a big city?

There certainly aren’t many distractions in Kingsville, and no matter where you live (as long as you’re in town), you don’t have to commute very far.

What advice do you have for any students considering pursuing a higher education at A&M-Kingsville?

Get to know the faculty and support staff. They will be your greatest allies. Graduate school can be stressful, and it’s easy to isolate yourself. Get to know other graduate students. They are going through the same struggles, and it’s good to have somebody to talk to who understands.

What is the best thing about being part of Javelina Nation?

The awesome faculty and the opportunities for hands-on learning.

Office Bins:

We have all seen the small, blue office bins that are distributed around campus in various offices; but do we know exactly how to use them?

What goes into the bins?

You can recycle several materials in these small bins: aluminum, rinsed out plastics (not Styrofoam), non-corrugated cardboard, and paper.

What should you NOT place into the bins?

No food, glass, or liquids should be thrown into the bins, and no Styrofoam!

What happens next?

When your office bin becomes full, empty the contents into the nearest large hallway bin marked for recycling. These bins are blue and have a square top. We do not take your office bins out for you-this is part of your commitment to campus sustainability and we appreciate it!

One of the main imperatives in our University Sustainability Plan ratified on May 15, 2013, is to reduce net carbon emissions by 50% within 15 years.

As part of our ongoing effort to green our campus, the Office of Campus Sustainability is conducting a survey to determine the current and future demands for electric vehicle charging stations and hybrid vehicle parking spaces on campus.

We would appreciate you taking the time to complete the following survey which should take less than five minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kelli Goddard-Sobers, Director of Office of Campus Sustainability at 361) 593-2447 or kelli-mae.goddard-sobers@tamuk.edu

Thank you for taking the survey, we really appreciate your input!

#NationalTailgateWeekend is October 7-8! Get 25 percent off one school spirit item (online or in-store) when you download the Barnes and Noble app!

Kaina Martinez is one of the finalists for the 2017 NCAA Woman of the Year!

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents recently approved emeritus status for four retired members of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville faculty and staff. Click below to find out who!

For more information, contact the Student Health and Wellness Health Care Clinic at 361-593-2904.

Dr. Carl Tape will speak at the Speech Building on Armstrong and Santa Gertrudis at 2:00 p.m. on October 2. For more information please call 361-593-2767.

Does learning more about our planet peak your interest? If so, Earth Science Week is definitely for you! Visit www.earthsciweek.org for more information.

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Coach Allen took over Snapchat this week to give us a behind-the-scenes look at our volleyball team! Our girls take on Angelo State on September 26 at 6:00 p.m. and Tarleton State on September 30 at 2 p.m. Both games take place inside the SPEC. Come out and show your support! #GottaJavIt

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