Ralph Chandler Middle School Library Report April 2018

One of my main goals in these monthly reports is to provide a data-rich and transparent snapshot of what goes on in our library, often behind the scenes. We have completed "Refresh," and $53,000 worth of laptops/desktops/keypads/external CD drives/docking stations were added for faculty and staff. Whew! Thank you to Suzette Cornish! April has also been a busy month (virtually full calendar!) in my most favorite way...instructional partnerships. Nothing is more exciting or fulfilling, in my view, than working closely with teachers to develop lessons using a full range of library resources...databases, citation tools (NoodleTools), eBooks, virtual reference, print materials, Makerspace items, and digital creation tools such as Padlet and Board Builder. Very gratifying is seeing the terrific response to our new eBooks from the Gale Virtual Reference Library - over 344 checkouts/retrievals (month of April); over 3500 views of our Libguides (month of April), and nearly 300 citations/electronic notecards created using NoodleTools (month of April). Alice Bradley, Chellee McDougal, and Charla Randall are to be commended for leading the way on NoodleTools. I especially love bolstering student knowledge and skills in gathering, assessing, and applying information in ways that support content, technology, and library standards. We have had a full schedule of research on genetically modified organisms, The Quest (Unknown, New Life, Cure, New Civilization) , and Hatchet (Survival Theme). A new framework in helping school librarians achieve this is the Future Ready Librarians concept. This framework will provide resources, strategies, and connections for district leaders and librarians to be able to work together to promote and implement innovative learning opportunities for students.

Future Ready Librarians Action Gears
Future Ready Librarians Framework

Framework highlights from April:

  • Leads in the selection, integration, organization, and sharing of digital resources and tools to support transformational teaching and learning and develop the digital curation skills of others.
  • Encourages and facilitates students to become increasingly self-directed as they create digital products of their learning that engage them in critical thinking, collaboration and authentic, real-world problem solving.
  • Partners with educators to design and implement evidence-based curricula and assessments that integrate elements of deeper learning, critical thinking, information literacy, digital citizenship, creativity, innovation and the active use of technology.
  • Provides flexible spaces that promote inquiry, creativity, collaboration and community.


At Ralph Chandler Middle School Library, our goal is to ensure that learners leave here as competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; information literate young people able to determine their information needs, recognize and utilize relevant and credible resources, all while evolving into impassioned readers. We seek to underscore the profile of a South Carolina graduate by encouraging students to be creative, innovative, collaborative, self-directed critical thinkers, who become adept at problem solving and who attain a global perspective.


Circulation dropped in the month of April.
RCMS is still a strong contender in the use of OverDrive eBooks.
This was a spectacular showing for our new Gale Virtual Reference eBooks.
Flipster is our eMagazine platform. We need to continue to work on increasing usage.


A very full and busy April in the library.
Some of the highest LibGuide usage of the year.
Our Hatchet/Survival LibGuide for 7th Grade...Notable is the use of vetted articles from DISCUS databases.
The use of vetted library resources for the GMO 7th Grade Science debate was fantastic.
The Quest 7th Grade Research/Scrapbooking Project was augmented by LibGuide resources, Padlet, Board Builder, and Makerspace Items.
Homepage of Quest LibGuide
NoodleTools Citations Created - Excellent Efforts and Use of Library Electronic Resources to Support Ethical Use Standards
Sample Padlets from 7th Grade Quest Research Project
Facsimile newspapers from the 7th Grade Quest Project.
Scrapbooking from the 7th Grade Quest Research Project.
Wonderful resources from our virtual reference eBook resources - Gale Virtual Reference Library.


Digitally certified instructor badge from Common Sense Media.

Mrs. Walton reached a long-held goal of becoming a digitally certified educator for Common Sense Media. This organization created the Common Sense Recognition Program to give educators all the latest teaching strategies and to make sure they get some well-deserved credit for their work. As a recognized educator, school, or district, educators help lead responsible and effective tech use in school communities and build practice along the way. Common Sense is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. They empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.


One of the students' most favorite acitivities is the jigsaw puzzle station that is always up and running.


National Poetry Month - April, 2018 - Blackout Poetry - The basic premise behind blackout poetry — also sometimes referred to as found poetry or erasure poetry, though there are distinctions between the three — is that the poet takes a found document, traditionally a print newspaper, and crosses out a majority of the existing text, leaving visible only the words that comprise his or her poem; thereby revealing an entirely new work of literature birthed from an existing one. The striking imagery of the redacted text — eliminated via liberal use of a black marker (hence: “blackout” poetry) — and the remaining readable text work together to form a new piece of visual poetry.


4/25 - Mrs. Walton and Ms. Cornish - Windows 10 Training


  • Chromebook Repair/Maintenance/Tracking/Statistics/Reports
  • Fixed Assets
  • TAC (Technical Assistance Coordinator)
  • RCMS School Homepage
  • RCMS Facebook
  • RCMS Twitter
  • Digital Citizenship
  • 4/10, 4/20, 4/24 - Mrs. Walton subbed for 8 classes - Wisnewski (3), Bianchi (1), Randall (4)
  • 4/24 - Refresh of Technology
  • 4/25 - Faculty Meeting - Testing Training/Orientation
  • 4/30 - Chromebook Focus Group Meeting - Mrs. Walton and Ms. Cornish are committe members
  • 4/30 - Fixed Assets - Begin (usually takes a couple of weeks to tie up all the loose ends)


Circulation Total 661 (229 of which were equipment/Chromebook checkouts)

OverDrive Checkouts 74 (April) - always in the top ten of all middle schools in Greenville County

71/90 Class Periods Visited (Spring Break/Refresh took away days) = 79% of open class spaces used(April)

Collaborated with 71 Classes and 6 Teachers = 16% collaboration

Highlights were: Refresh, Genetically Modified Research, Quest Research, Hatchet Survival Research, Merge Cube

Coming Up: Fixed assets completion; Library inventory; Integration of classroom content using Makerspace materials (much easier now that we FINALLY have a generic email account for the library); Weeding; Arranging/moving shelving in the library space to accommodate Makerspace items; Chromebook/charger retrieval and repair tickets; recording of all student charges in Destiny; Summer reading materials; District and state library reports; Faculty checkout; end of year procedures

Come see us in the library!

Fiesta Scholastic Book Fair - Photobooth Fun
Created By
Candace Walton


Candace Walton and Suzette Cornish

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