Judaism is a monotheistic, ethnic religion that originated in the former East Mediterranean land of Canaan. This religion was founded around 2000 B.C.E. and is still practiced in that region today.

The founder of Judaism is Abraham, the first Jew. He was the first one to stop worshipping idols and worship a spiritual god. Because of this, Abraham is believed to had made a covenant with God--which started the covenant between God and the Jewish people (the religion itself).

Even though Judaism in an ethnic religion, it is practiced in many other countries than Israel--such as the United States, Canada, Germany, and Hungary. Most Jews have not lived in the Eastern Mediterranean in almost 2,000 years because of the diaspora -- when the Romans forced them to disperse throughout the world after the Jews tried to rebel against Roman rule. Most people went to Europe, however some went to North Africa and Asia. Over time Judaism has diffused throughout the rest of the world through relocation diffusion.

Judaism is divided into movements rather than branches or denominations. These movements differ in how literally they take the Scripture rather than their beliefs. Four major movements outside of the U.S. are Karaites, Rabbinites, Chasidism and Mitnadgim. Movements in the U.S. are Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative.

Symbols related to Judaism are the Dreidle (to remind everyone to serve God), the Scrolls (the Torah), the Star of David (the seven foundational attributes), the Kiddish Cup (sanctification), the stone tablets (10 Commandments/God's covenant with his people), and the Menorah (light and wisdom).

Jews believe that there is only one god. They believe that God created the world and continues to create today, also they believe they have a relationship with Him. The Torah is the central text of Judaism. They worship in synagogues (temples) where they also may occasionally study the Torah.

Jewish people consider Israel a very sacred place since it was the former land of Canaan which is believed to have been granted to Abraham by God. It is also the site of Jerusalem--where the original temple was and where Moses brought the Ten Commandments from God. The Western Wall is the only remaining part of this temple and Jews make pilgrimages here.


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