Oakfield News Issue 58 7th May 2020

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Reflections from our Head

I just want to thank all of you for another week of great enthusiasm and application from the whole Oakfield community. I hope you all enjoy a well-deserved (and sunny!) bank holiday weekend. Below are a number of suggestions for how families can celebrate VE Day and I very much look forward to hearing how you choose to mark the occasion.

Moyra Thompson

Learning a wartime dance may make it 'Very Embarrassing Day'

Virtual Open Mornings

We had our first successful Virtual Open Morning on Tuesday via Microsoft Teams and are organising 2 more in the coming weeks. They are planned for Thursday 21st May and Thursday 11th June at 9.15am.

Please feel free to share this information with your social groups and networks as we would love to (virtually) meet as many potential parents on these calls as possible. Thank you.

Spread the word!

Rainbow Displays

Rain-bow selecta!

We would love to see more rainbow displays and photos or videos of your Thursday claps so please do send them to bgolden@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk

And there are 2 other days this week of varying importance:

VE Day - great artwork to commemorate an important day!
Star Wars Day - it's out of this world!


Our theme this week is exploring and investigating colour. We have linked this to a story called ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ and read other bear stories too.

Grin and bear it!


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week in Upper Foundation we have been focusing on the story of The Three Little Pigs.

We have been making story maps and sequencing the story of the Three Little Pigs using picture cards. We loved seeing so many children acting out the story with siblings, using fabulous masks and houses!

In EAD the children have explored and designed the 3 Little Pig houses using various materials. Are they wolf proof? What was the strongest house?

We have also been problem solving in Maths and the children were introduced the concept of 'sharing'. It is so lovely to see the children having practical experience in Maths this week!

The teachers in Upper Foundation are super proud of the following children who completed learning all 13 levels on Magic 300 and look forward to more in the upcoming weeks: Well done to Isaac, Freya, Alex and Alyssa!!!!

Next week we will focus on Little Red Riding Hood and encouraging children to go for walks in parks acting out the story.

All Upper Foundation would like to say a huge congratulations to Mr Griggs and Ms Galloway and of course big brother Archie on the birth of Ayla Griggs; she is gorgeous. We all look forward to cuddles very soon!

Another huge well done to Harry who took part in the 2.6 challenge to help raise money for Neuroblastoma UK Charity. His challenge was to throw 26 toys into a basket in one minute, and he raised over £200!! We are super proud of you Harry!

We are so impressed with all the uploads onto Tapestry, please continue to do so and well done to all the Mummys and Daddys on the home schooling this week.

Enjoy your lovely long bank holiday weekend in the sun!

See you all on Tapestry for next week’s fun videos!

Best wishes to you all

Upper Foundation Team

Upper Foundation Teachers

Coming across a pig problem

Year 1

It has been another busy week for our Yr 1 children.

Thank you so much for continuing to send in photographs and work of all the learning and fun activities the children are doing. Although we are not with them, by sharing your photographs and news it makes us feel part of what they are doing!

We can certainly see many of Oakfield’s 6 C’s taking place across homes.

It has been great to hear how many children are enjoying this term’s Roald Dahl theme in English. The children shared some wonderful Dream Jars on Teams with their class. We have had dream jars about space, swimming with dolphins, achievements and family memories.

We can see how hard the children are working by the standard of work that continues to come to us via the portal. It is lovely to see that many of the children are tackling the wider curriculum activities too.

Microsoft Teams meeting week beginning 11th May:

  • Wednesday 13th May 11.15am
  • Friday 15th May 11.15am

Look at these great #OakfieldAtHome examples below:

Alex’s dream jar inspired by Roald Dahl's the BFG and Oliver’s 'Ice Escape' science experiment where you have to predict how to get the figurine out of the ice and Georgia carefully attending to her vegetable patch.


Juliet in 2MF made these cupcakes all by herself and used some maths skills to help her with measuring out the ingredients!

These are giving Mrs Barrett Nnochiri's cupcakes a run for their money!


Please find attached Kubrick's (3CM) persuasive advert. The children were asked to create an advert to try and persuade people to hire the animals from ’The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me’ to clean their windows. He included a rhetorical question, adjectives and bossy verbs and presented his work amazingly using ICT.

Are you having a giraffe? No, just very, very clean windows!

Year 3 have been also busy in Maths this week learning about capacity! Their task was to find different containers from around their home and then estimate before carefully measuring the capacity. It looks like they had lots of fun! Well done for all your hard work Year 3!

Great capacity for learning too!

Year 5

I know following last week's newsletter you were desperate for another Ancient Greece rap and guess what....

Year 6

Another amazing piece of giving and endurance from an Oakfield pupil this week:

William in 6AH is, in his own words, "rowing (on my dad's rowing machine) from Oxford to London. It's 185km in total and I do around 3km each day. I have rowed 60k so far so am about at Marlow and one third of the way home

I've also set up a just giving page where the money you donate goes to the NHS, to say thank you". Here is the link if you wish to donate to this worthy cause:

Just William, just giving

Poetry Festival 2020

Submissions for the Oakfield Poetry Festival 2020 are now open! Please send your poems on the theme of the Oakfield 6 Cs to Mr Allen before half-term. And remember no acrostic poems please!


" Tortilla Making Challenge" for Years 2-6

Children will receive the recipe of the Spanish dish and the challenge is to prepare the tortilla at home. Please read the assignment in week 4 for more details.

I am looking forward to see your creations. Olé!

Below is Alexander from Year 5's penpal letter which he wrote this week. Muchas gracias Alexander!

Not everyone has to like dogs and football!

ART: Sketching Challenge

Thank you for all the film poster that have been sent in this week - that's my weekend of movie watching planned! Have a look at a selection of some of the great sketches below - we will add these to our official Flickr gallery too!

Next week, the sketch challenge is 'Transport'!

With so much traffic standing idly by the kerb side, it isn't difficult to spot a car or van or motorbike but perhaps you want to try something a bit different. Maybe you could sketch your bicycle or scooter or even your roller skates! Or maybe you're thinking of a form of transport that could travel further; a helicopter, a train, an airplane or even a space shuttle. Perhaps you could find an interesting angle and zoom in on one part of the 'transport', a wheel, a turbine or an engine. Remember to 'place' your object in the composition and include lots of shading.

Have fun!

Mrs Fidler

Guess the movies!
Mrs Fidler got on our bike...and then drew it!

Composer of the Week

Dear musical scholars,

Our composer this week was a Brit who set out to educate children and young people about classical music. Benjamin Britten is one of the most celebrated English Composers, and he lived between 1913 and 1976. He was most famous for his work The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (TYPGttO), which he wrote for a documentary called Instruments of the Orchestra, which aired in 1947. It is a wonderful piece, which allows each instrument to have it's own moment in the spotlight. In the links I have included the original documentary, as well as a performance with an introduction by Sir Simon Rattle, the legendary conductor.

Britten really is Great!

Birthdays and House Points

Happy birthday to these children from this week:

  • 4th Imaan 1SD, Henry 3CF, Charlie 4SN
  • 5th Juliana PNF
  • 6th Dexter 5AZ, Oliver 1AW
  • 8th Magnus LFKS, Hector UFWN
  • 9th Elizabeth PNF
  • 10th Oliver-Bailey 4SN

And the House Point totals correct as of 7th May are below!

  • Baird: 9735
  • Pearsall: 9747
  • Ruskin: 9084
  • Webster: 9407
Have a safe and healthy Easter holidays everyone


Created with images by Chris Montgomery - "Zoom call with coffee" • Dan Nelson - "Remote work with encrypted connection" • Alex Jackman - "Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk" • Markus Spiske - "Toddler with wire bead toy" • Jakob Owens - "Swimming With The Pigs" • Amy-Leigh Barnard - "Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom" • John Dancy - "untitled image" • Frank Vessia - "plane toy over a world globe" • Paul Green - "untitled image" • Vidar Nordli-Mathisen - "Rowing" • Thought Catalog - "poetry from “salt water” by Brianna Wiest" • Jaunt and Joy - "We decided to impulsively wander in an art exhibit in a cultural centre in Morelia. We were surprised with the architecture of the building first and foremost before going through the artisan filled corridors. There are so many crafts and handmade wares to be found here! All of them originating from towns inside the state of Michoacan." • Berkay Gumustekin - "untitled image" • Fachry Zella Devandra - "untitled image" • Anna Kolosyuk - "untitled image" • MARK S. - "Vinyl + Grado Headphones" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake"