Hoodoo & Voodoo By: Izzy & Lauren

Voodoo magic originated in the West Indies country of Haiti during the French Colonial Period, and it is still widely practiced in Haiti today. The foundations of Voodoo are the tribal religions of West Africa, brought to Haiti by slaves in the seventeenth century. They were mainly captured from the kingdom of Dahomey, which occupied parts of today's Togo, Benin and Nigeria. The word 'Voodoo' derives from the word 'vodou' in the Fon language of Dahomey, which means 'spirit' or 'god'. Haiti was isolated during much of its history, therefore allowing Voodoo to develop with its own unique traditions, beliefs and gods.

Hoodoo (also known as rootwork) is Southern folk magic grounded in centuries of African American heritage within the southern United States. Hoodoo is often known by other names including: conjure, rootwork, root doctoring, laying tricks, working roots or doing the "work". It is important to note, that contrary to what some authors may write in their books, Hoodoo is NOT Voodoo (Vodou). Hoodoo blends together the magical technology of Congo slaves that were taken from Africa in the slave trade, combined with Native American herbal knowledge, bits of European folk magic and Jewish mysticism.

Do not confuse hoodoo with Voodoo. Voodoo is derived from the ancient West African religion Vodun. Hoodoo is African American folk spirituality with a mix of Native American and European traditions. It is a complex interweaving of mythology, herbal remedies, and magic. Occasionally, it is referred to as “root working” or “root doctoring.” Some might be familiar with it through Blues music, which has tantalized the outside world with glimpses of mysterious hoodoo rites.

Bad Juju is a fetish or charm believed by West Africans to have magical or supernatural powers. The magical or supernatural power of such a charm. A superstitious belief in the karmic consequences of an action or behavior, usually negative in connotation.


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