Venice ItalY

Last week I went to Venice so I want to share my experience with you !

About the trip

Everything was perfect about the trip, I loved every moment of it, but I didn't like our guide because she was boring af, she didn't make anything fun or interesting and she was very monotone, bus ride was smooth and we had fun but people were very salty and nervous proabably because they didn't catch any sleep and we were talking kinda loud ...

When we arrived to the Venice everything was perfect we had a lot of free time for taking pictures and looking around, only problem were people but not because of their character or something like that, problem was that there were too many people, how ever we had grate time running trough the masses

Food and drinks

Everything Is very expensive for what you get, white coffee is 6 euros and I thought that coffee in Italy has to be perfect, at the end I was disappointed when I tried it because it tasted like warm milk, I drank much better coffee on the main square in Trieste, mby we chose wrong caffe bar, I don't really know what to say about food (I mean how it tastes) but my friends told me that tortilla which they ate was bad and it costed 5 euros, so Venice is not the perfect place for food and drinks

My after all opinion on venice

Venice is beautiful city, but don't go there during the carnival I would much rather choose some other period of time when there's not so many people and prices are proabably lower after the carnival, at the end we had grate time and we took some grate shots which you can see on my Instagram account, link is down below. :*

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