Sex Reassignment Surgery and Regret James Doane

My research essay was about sex reassignment surgery, and whether or not those who undergo sex reassignment surgery ever end up regretting their decision.

My thesis said that sex reassignment surgery is a reliable and proven procedure for transgender individuals, for the chances of regret are low.

What does the evidence say?

A study done in Sweden from 1960 to 2010 found that regret only happened 2.2% of the time, and has been decreasing steadily.

Another study performed in France found that the main reasons for regret were not the physical changes, but rather family disapproval or cultural stigma. Other sources confirmed that these were the top reasons one might regret their decision.

Sex reassignment surgery is not something people take lightly. Incidences of regret are really, really rare.

If regret does happen, it is almost never that the person changed their mind, rather their family's treatment of them or society's attitude hurts them to the point of regret.


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