The life and time of Zenia Firashta By: Z.F

I was born in Florida in Bocoa hospitali on April 18 2004. I lived with my uncle ,my dad and my mom. These three people gave me the best first four years of my life. I was homeschooled in preschool and junior kindergarten. So mum family would always be found in the mall outside my dad store. As years went by I became three years old, and that year my mom, my dad, and I moved to Canada. When I turned 4 years old my sister was born.
I have a small family which contains my mom, my dad, my and my sister. I look ve spending time with my family especially since my family is all about nature and hiking and sports or family trips and we try to do theses things but many times we can't.
My friends
Myself and my hobbies.
My future

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