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There are many centripetal forces working with and many centrifugal forces working against the Supranational culture. An example of using a centripetal force is using a common currency, the euro because Using the euro makes travel easy because, people find it obnoxious and frustrating to trade their money often for different currencies. Another centripetal force is that you can get a job, live or travel anywhere in the EU because you can do that because being united means it's like one big country, and not tons of small ones so technically the borders are removed. There are lots of centripetal forces in the EU

What makes a good citezen

A good citizen does his/hers responsibilities whenever necessary, like pays taxes and does not rob banks. A good citizen also tolerates that responsibilities are over rights like how people have the right to rob a bank, but it is against the law, and that's a responsibility. A good citizen will vote as he feels about the political debate instead of being convinced otherwise.

Good citezens are nice


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