Brexit Fear was born his twin

Thomas Hobbes would be against the Brexit and the people who want to leave the European Union, he would think that the people of Great Britain were making a selfish move and that they are leaving just so they can better themselves.

The only way to erect… a Common Power, as may be able to defend them from invasion of[foreigners] and the injuries of one another

Hobbes would think that Great Britain leaving the Eu would be making them weaker against enemies because know they are without their Eu Allies. The Eu might still help Great Britain but might be more reluctant because they left the Eu after they signed on to join it.

And therefore if any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies; and in the way to their End,... endeavor to destroys, or subdue another

Hobbes would also be against the Brexit because he does not like violence or fighting so he would not want there to be violence if people who do not want to leave get angry enough to start a riot and a ruckus.

"BREXIT EXPLAINED." Sydney Morning Herald [Sydney, Australia], 1 Apr. 2017, p. 24. Global Issues in Context, Accessed 1 May 2017.


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