Daytona State College Viewbook

Ask any of our students or alumni why they chose Daytona State College and they’ll probably tell you how it was just what they needed, wherever they were in life.

Close to home, affordable, convenient, great programs, top-notch faculty, lots of academic support and fun things to do on campus. Those are just some of the reasons you’ll hear. Bottom line, students choose Daytona State because it’s a good fit, and a smart one at that.

When you enroll at DSC, we’ll help you create a personalized academic plan that’s perfect for you, one that starts you off with a great foundation and allows you to grow on your journey toward program completion.

Value you can count on

Daytona State tuition is less than half the national average for public 4-year colleges and universities.

Daytona State College is one of America’s best values in education. Whether you’re going for your 2-year degree, stepping up for a bachelor’s or training to advance your career, get the quality education you deserve at an exceptionally low cost.

Being serious about your future should also mean being serious about having fun along the way.

Your Daytona State education can go well beyond your coursework. Through our many student clubs and activities, you can develop your talents and explore new passions while creating unique opportunities for friendship, learning and leadership. Become a part of our active Student Government Association, or join one of the clubs related to your academic discipline. Show your talent in a stage play or on an intramural sports team. See the world with classmates on a study abroad excursion, or write for our award-winning student newspaper, InMotion.

The diverse student activities at DSC offer experiences you will draw on and cherish for years to come. There’s a club to match every interest - the only question is, which will you choose?

Get from start to finish, your way. With over 100 programs to choose, we have one that's right for you. Each is designed to help you move ahead on your career pathway with exible opportunities for employment.

1-Year or less - Certificate Programs

Get started on a new career with specialized training that you can finish in one year or less. Our certificate programs can help you gain entry-level employment in a wide variety of fields. Certificate (college credit) and applied technology diploma credits also can go toward an associate of science (AS) degree as you continue your path to greater opportunity.

2-Year - Associate Degrees

For many of our students, their Daytona State College experience takes them on a pathway. Some start with a certificate that will prepare them for entry into their field of interest. From that waypoint, they move on to an associate of science degree that offers them advanced study and opportunity for career enhancement. Others continue after earning their AS or AA degree, transferring into one of our 11 bachelor’s degree programs in supervision and management, engineering and information technology, education or nursing.

4-Years - Bachelor’s Degrees

Our bachelor’s degrees are developed under a 2+2 model. That means you earn your associate degree first, then transition into upper-level baccalaureate studies during your junior and senior years. Many of our bachelor’s degree students take advantage of internships and cooperative education opportunities while in school. It’s why a majority of our four-year graduates land jobs in their field within three months of earning their degrees. They’re able to hit the ground running and perform on the job right away.

“When you’re in the honors college, you become really close and you work hard every day toward a common goal – graduation with an honors degree. Faculty are inspirational. It all prepared me to transfer to the University of Florida to pursue my bachelor’s degree in political science.” - Pranav Reddy

Your pathway to university studies

Associate of Arts University Transfer

Start at DSC, save time and money, then transfer beyond.

Thousands of students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree at DSC or a university earn their two-year Associate of Arts(AA) degree first, right here, close to home. We will help you research the university you plan to attend to ensure your DSC classes fit your intended four- year degree. Earning your AA degree at DSC saves you thousands in tuition and guarantees you’ll be admitted as a junior to Florida’s public universities.

Daytona State AA and select AS degree program students have a clear path to transfer to the University of Central Florida through the nationally recognized DirectConnect to UCF program. DirectConnect guarantees admission to UCF for AA graduates and so much more.

We’ve teamed up to add touch points that will follow you from your freshman year at DSC through your senior year at UCF to ensure you stay on a path toward success. Along with personalized advising and workshops on academic planning and financial literacy, we’ll help you explore career options and choose a major early in your college studies.

It all makes for a smooth transfer to UCF to complete your bachelor’s degree, saving you big on tuition costs.

First, choose your program

1, 2, and 4 year programs

Check out the full program listings on these pages, and one that’s right for you, and we’ll help you customize your career pathway.

Now, plan your pathway

Our program pathways get you from Certificate to Bachelor’s Degree, and even prepare you for more! Check out the following 4 example pathways.

Sample Pathway 1: Business Career

Business career Pathway

Sample Pathway 2: Technology Career

Sample Pathway 3: Entertainment Career

Sample Pathway 4: Health Care Career

Less dollars, more sense

Get the quality education you deserve at an exceptionally low cost. The U.S. Department of Education ranks DSC among the most affordable public four-year institutions in the country.

How to Get Financial Aid

Daytona State’s Financial Aid Office can help you find ways to finance your education through federal, state and institutional sources such as grants, scholarships, loans and work-study. Applying for financial aid is not as complicated as you may think!

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate that you plan to attend Daytona State College. Our Title IV School Code is 001475. This application is required to determine eligibility for all sources of federal financial aid.

Please access FAFSA at fafsa.gov to complete your application. FAFSA worksheets are available in the Financial Aid Services Office on all campuses. Financial aid specialists can provide individual financial aid advising and counseling, including assistance with the following:

“It is essential for students to begin career planning from day one to make sure they get the funding available throughout their program. I’ll connect you with the right person on campus to facilitate a resolution for your concerns.” - Michelle Goldys
  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Answering all questions regarding eligibility
  • Submission of corrections to the Student Aid Report
  • Completing the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note
  • Loan entrance and exit counseling
  • Distribution of financial aid materials, including FAFSA, Direct Loan Master Promissory Note and consumer information
  • Web access to financial aid

Foundation Scholarships

Hundreds of private scholarships are available each semester from the Daytona State College Foundation. These scholarships are based on need, academic merit or other criteria. Foundation scholarships are awarded each semester. See what’s available and apply online, DaytonaState.edu/scholarships.

At DSC, we know a thing or two about how to help our students stay on track. Our OnTime Finish plans give you a clear path to get the right classes and graduate on time with your associate of arts university transfer degree.

You decide whether you want to complete your degree in two years or three, depending on your life circumstances, and we’ll help you make sure it happens.

Falcon Online

Daytona State is a national leader in online program offerings. In fact, our online bachelor’s degrees in supervision and management, engineering technology and information technology have been rated among the nation’s best for five years running. More than 11,000 students enroll in an online course at DSC every year.

Earn a degree or certificate with few or no campus visits required, including an online associate of arts university transfer degree. Online technical support is available 24/7.

“Research shows that the technology we use in the classroom allows students to connect with their professors and each other in different kinds of ways. All this leads to more student engagement, fewer barriers to education and increased student success"

Quanta-Honors College

If you’re a highly motivated student who values academic achievement, Daytona State’s Quanta-Honors College may be the ticket for you. In the Quanta-Honors College, students take all their general education courses in learning community clusters that are integrated around a theme.

The classes are challenging, but extensive support is available to help you do well. You will work in small groups and have plenty of time to discuss, explore new ideas and apply these ideas to real-world problems. Plus, the special honors designation on your associate degree will give you a competitive edge when you venture into the job market or transfer to a university to earn your bachelor’s degree.

“We’re looking for students who want to aim high, who are willing to take risks, who are curious, willing to speak up and who really want to learn.”

Daytona State College makes it easy to attend class and achieve your goals by giving you help when you need it. Think of us as a team of professionals with a common goal: your success.


Academic advisors are ready to help you from the day you first enroll in classes all the way to graduation. They’re here to ensure you choose the classes that are most appropriate for your intended major. They will help you stay on track and find the resources you need to be successful.


Daytona State counselors are licensed and experienced mental health professionals who can provide confidential short-term counseling services to students and link them to local community mental health professionals for long-term counseling, treatment or therapeutic intervention.

The Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides college-wide learning support to all DSC students by helping them develop the educational skills and strategies that are essential for academic achievement. In addition to technology- mediated learning and supplemental instruction, the ASC offers face-to-face or online peer and professional tutoring. These multimedia facilities are available on all campuses.

DSC-UCF Writing Center

When you visit the DSC-UCF Writing Center, you’ll get highly individualized assistance with your writing on any subject and at any stage in the writing process. Whether it’s for a course, personal project, resume, or scholarship essay, we’ll help you develop your strengths as a writer. This free service is offered to all Daytona State and UCF Daytona Beach Campus students.

Library - Learning Commons

The Daytona Beach and DeLand Campus libraries provide a wide range of resources and services, including print and non-print collections, access to extensive electronic databases, and professional reference and research assistance. Our library networks with other state and national libraries to obtain the information you need when you need it, 24/7. A Computing Commons on each of DSC’s five campuses provides access to academic software, word processing and spreadsheet applications, and the Internet.

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides students with disabilities equal access and equal opportunity to Daytona State classes, educational programs and activities. SDS advisors work with students individually to determine the appropriate accommodations and support services each student is eligible to receive. Contact SDS prior to enrollment to arrange for any accommodations.

Center for Women and Men

The Center for Women and Men provides self-esteem building seminars, networking opportunities, group and individual counseling, job-readiness activities and family involvement and support services. Through various programs, qualified students may be eligible to receive financial assistance with tuition, books, uniforms and child care. Here, you also will find assistance such as emergency bus passes, a clothes closet to help you look your best on job interviews, our new Grab and Go Food Pantry, a lending library and Fresh Start classes. The Center is an excellent resource for women and men to gain marketable skills and attain economic self-sufficiency through high-wage vocational training. Single parents, displaced homemakers and non-traditional students are encouraged to apply.

“Daytona State is about changing your life. It’s about being more than you were before. Lots of students face difficulty at one time or another during college. DSC can get you through.”

Daytona State offers you the tools you need to get that job and start your career.

Career Planning

Whether you know exactly the career you want to pursue upon graduation or just aren’t quite sure, Daytona State’s Career Services office can be a valuable resource for you. Meet employers at job fairs hosted throughout the year, and get help preparing for job interviews, or identifying areas of interest through computer-aided research of career information, outlooks and potential salaries. Indeed, you’ll want to visit this place often.

  • Graduates of Daytona State’s associate of science degrees enjoy a near 90% placement rate overall and earn an average annual salary of $42,180.
  • Graduates of Daytona State’s one-year or less certificate programs enjoy a near 80% placement rate and earn an average annual salary of $34,008.
  • Nearly 80% of DSC Bachelor of Science in Supervision and Management program graduates are employed or continuing their education one year after earning their degrees. Those employed earned an average annual salary of $41,312.
  • Nearly 98% of DSC Bachelor of Science in Education graduates are employed one year after earning their degrees, with an average annual salary of $40,210.
  • On average, nearly 100% of DSC Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program graduates are employed or continuing their education one year after earning their degrees. Those employed earned an average annual salary of $37,952.

The Arts

Immerse yourself in a wide range of cultural programs, including dance, drama, instrumental music and choral/ vocal music. We offer performance-oriented classes in all the disciplines, as well as ensembles and private lessons. You can audition for the concert choir, the show choir, plays, dance and instrumental music ensembles held throughout the year. Substantial scholarship support is available to assist students who perform on stage, backstage and in the classroom.

The Daytona State College Symphonic Band, Civic Orchestra and Choral Concerts, plays (dramatic and musical) and dance productions are featured during fall and spring semesters.

Admission is free at most events when you present your DSC ID card. Events are held on campus and at the college’s News-Journal Center.

DSC's News-Journal Center

Daytona State College is committed to providing our community with high-quality entertainment and educational experiences in this unique downtown venue. We host guest performers, art exhibits and many performances by our talented student and faculty artists in the News-Journal Center. In addition, students in our Music Production Technology program enjoy working with award-winning faculty and high-profile guest speakers at this hands-on, state-of-the-art recording facility.

Southeast Museum of Photography

The SMP is among America’s premier museums devoted entirely to photography. It presents more than 12 exhibitions annually, organized around interdisciplinary themes. Very involved with academic and community programs at DSC, the SMP produces support materials for a wide range of college and high school classes in conjunction with each series of exhibitions. Since its opening in April 1992, the museum has mounted more than 300 exhibitions and produced more than 40 catalogs and publications. Each semester, SMP presents films, lectures, seminars, workshops, professional classes and talks. Public programs feature internationally known photographers, critics, writers and scholars.

The museum offers Daytona State students extensive opportunities for internships and professional training, as well as paid and volunteer employment. You can gain career experience as a student assistant, intern, volunteer gallery guide and/or tour docent. Many of the museum’s former student workers now work in museums and galleries around the world. More information – smponline.org.

Café 101

When you step into Café 101, you enter an environment that rivals some of the finest dining establishments in Central Florida. An elegant setting combines with the aromas of gourmet delights.

The only difference is that Café 101 is a teaching café and kitchen entirely operated by Daytona State students, gaining hands-on experience in an actual restaurant setting. Café 101 cuisine reflects what’s taught in the classroom, with students cooking from scratch under the expert eye of our chef instructors.

Massage Clinic

Preparing for a rewarding career, massage therapy students offer wellness massage sessions open to the public at reasonable rates at the Daytona Beach Campus.

Cosmetology, Barber Salons

DSC offers state-of-the art Cosmetology training salons on both the Daytona Beach and Deltona campuses. Open to the public, all work is performed by students under the supervision of a licensed cosmetology instructor. Daytona State also offers a Barber certificate at its Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach-Edgewater campuses, with salon hours.

Dental Hygiene Clinic

The DeLand Campus houses DSC’s Dental Hygiene program, offering a public clinic with low-cost services. Students train under a dentist’s supervision.

Have fun and get fit

Improve your mind, body and spirit at the L. Gale Lemerand Health, Wellness and Education Center. The facility houses the Lemerand Aquatic and Fitness Centers and is also home to the Falcons’ 1,000-seat gymnasium.

Fitness Center

A 5,500 square-foot center equipped with state-of-the-art weight training and aerobic equipment including:

  • 19-piece resistance training circuit
  • 3.2 tons of free weights
  • 31-piece aerobic arena featuring stair
  • Climbers, elliptical trainers, treadmills, spinning bikes, recumbent and stationary bikes, rowing machines, Airdynes and exercise equipment for the physically challenged
  • Fitness evaluations
  • Group exercise classes such as Sculpt
  • & Tone, Cardio Cross Training and Yoga

Aquatic Center

  • 25-yard by 25-meter competitive pool
  • Humidity and climate-controlled environment
  • Operated year-round with a certified lifeguard on duty at all times
  • Completely handicap accessible
  • Designed to accommodate instructional,
  • Recreational and competitive
  • Aquatic activities
  • Lap swimming is always available

Daytona State Athletics

We offer an all-around sports complex, including the L. Gale Lemerand Health, Wellness and Community Education Center, an indoor pool, two top-notch playing fields, a field house and a brand new soccer stadium.

Daytona State Falcon athletics carry a winning tradition in both competition and academics. Our teams consistently earn state and national recognition for their academic achievement. Over 90 percent of our student-athlete graduates transfer to a university with full or partial athletic scholarships.

Daytona State’s NJCAA Division I varsity athletic program includes:

  • Men’s Baseball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Golf
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s Fast-pitch Softball
  • Women’s Volleyball

Falcon Athletics past-year highlights

  • Women’s golf earned their ninth NJCAA Division I National Championship.
  • Men’s soccer won the NJCAA Division I Southeast District Championship and finished runner-up in the championship game during their inaugural season.
  • Men’s basketball took home their fourth-straight Mid-Florida Conference Championship and advanced to the semi-finals of the FCSAA state tournament.


  • Women’s golf had the highest team GPA in the nation with a 3.89, earning their fourth consecutive NJCAA Female Academic Team of the Year award.
  • Men’s baseball took home their 11th consecutive NJCAA Men’s Academic Team of the Year title with a 3.70 team GPA.
  • Women’s soccer (3.32 GPA), women’s softball (3.38 GPA) and women’s volleyball (3.61 GPA) also earned honorable mentions in academic team of the year awards.
  • Women’s soccer head coach Brittany Jones and keeper Kristian Shores won the Mid-Florida Conference Coach and Keeper of the Year awards.
  • Six DSC teams were ranked in the nation’s top 20 during the 2016-17 season.
  • Seven Falcon squads advanced to postseason play in the 2016-17 season.
  • 11 student-athletes finished the year with First Team Mid-Florida Conference honors.
  • 48 Falcon student-athletes earned NJCAA Academic All-American honors including 12 rst-team awards for a perfect 4.0 GPA.
  • Women’s golf and men’s baseball also took home the FCSAA and Mid-Florida Conference Female and Male Academic Team of the Year Awards, respectively.


DSC President Tom LoBasso and member of the District Board of Trustees at soccer stadium grand opening.

DSC's women's and men's soccer teams look to build upon the success of their inaugural 2016 season while enjoying their newly completed soccer stadium. For 2018, DSC is proud to have been selected by the NJCAA to host the men’s Division I national championship, which will include the top 12 teams from around the country.

Veterans Center

The Veterans Center helps to meet the needs of a surging population of military veterans starting new missions as Daytona State students. Our student veterans can get help with everything from filing for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits and other student services to referrals for assistance inside and outside the college.

Daytona State has been designated a Military Friendly School and is an approved institution for veterans benefits. For five years running, DSC ranks with the nation's best among hundreds of colleges and universities offering online baccalaureate programs, according to U.S. News & World Report.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be back in school. The post 911 GI BIll is a valuable asset the military provides to service members. If you’re a veteran, this is the place you need to be.”

Call our Admissions office, (386) 506-3059, or visit DaytonaState.edu. To arrange a tour, call (386) 506-4471.


Daytona State College prohibits discrimination and provides equal access/equal opportunity to all persons regardless of age, ancestry, belief, color, disability, ethnicity, genetic information, gender, marital status, national origin, political af liation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status. If you have any questions or concerns regarding equity or equal access, contact Lonnie Thompson, Director of Equity and Inclusion, (386) 506-3000 ext. 3973 or Lonnie.Thompson@DaytonaState.edu. The Of ce of Equity and Inclusion is located at 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114.

Daytona State College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and bachelor’s degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Daytona State College. The college is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges and the Association of Florida Colleges, and is an approved institution of higher education for veterans and war orphans.

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