Tour of the Harn Kuber Bhardwaj

Design of the Museum

One of my favorite rooms at the Harm was definitely the area where there was a video playing of a traditional form of dance being performed by a tribe from central Africa. The room was set up in a way where you could view yourself in the mirror as the video of the dance played behind you. This allowed the person experiencing it to be able to attempt to dance along and it really made it feel as if you were there in person with the men dancing in the video. I really do enjoy visiting art museums as I find them to be really fun and interesting. Having been to dozens of art museums in the past, I had yet to find something as unique as this so it ended up being something really enjoyable for me personally. It honestly was done really well and I felt as if I was there in person with those dancing.

The room with the dancers

Medium of Art

The work of art that I found to be the most interesting had to be the sculpture of a traditional man that was done nearly 2000 years ago. It blew my mind that someone from back then was able to produce something out of stone and have it look so nice. Even today, with all the technology that we have, it can still be very difficult and tedious sculpting. It must have taken an extremely skilled artist to be able to do something of this nature. Not only was it the design, but also the fact that it was in such good shape after all those years. When I thought about it, I could only imagine that it would have taken a really long time to make something of this nature and the person who made it must have had a very strong drive to be able to finish it, which made me respect the work that the sculptor had done that much more.

A sculptor of a man from Mexico from 150-450 C.E.

Art and Core Values

Art can be very personal and can remind you of yourself or the beliefs you hold and while I was walking around with my friend, I saw the sculpture that really struck out and grabbed my attention. The sculpture was a really old sculpture of Ganesh, one of the many Hindu gods. Growing up as a Hindu has played a pretty big role in my life as it ended up dictating a lot of things that I did as a child, such as when I ate and the things I was allowed to do. Now that I am older and more independent, I still practice the religion but more in the way that I want to. Seeing this image of Ganesh Ji really reminded me of my earlier life and how lucky I am to be in the position that I am now. It was a really nice piece to see and it honestly filled me up with joy seeing a statue of the figure that we worshiped in my household.

Sculpture of Ganesh

Art and the Good Life

Art is more than just pictures and paintings for people to look at; a lot of art tends to have a deeper meaning or tugs at one's emotions in a certain way. As I toured around the Harn for a few hours, I saw a ton of different forms of art such as paintings, photographs, and my personal favorite, sculptures. One sculpture that stood out to me and reminded me of the theme of the good life was a brass sculpture of the Buddha who seemed to be in meditation. It gave off such a bliss and relaxed vibe that I just stood there and viewed the piece for nearly 5 minutes. The Buddha seemed so happy in his enlightened state which reminded me of how he was one of the few to truly achieve the good life in his own way. Learning to love the world and be truly at peace is something that I personally am looking for in the pursuit of the good life so seeing this sculpture really reminded me of my own stride towards the good life. It really was a beautiful piece of art and I felt as if it fully emphasized the meaning of the good life.

An old sculpture of the Buddha in his enlightened state

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