Typhiod Fever Alivia WIle

Typhoid Fever was very common and brought into the U.S during World War 1. Mainly from contamination from native countries. This Fever thrives in crowding, and poor sanitation.

Typhoid Fever or also known as Enteric Fever is an acute illness caused by the bacteria Salmonella Paratyphi. This bacteria invades your small intestine and bloodstream temporarily and eventually goes into your digestive track.

This sickenss is caused by contamination in food or water that is consumered. Salmonella can survive in water for many weeks. Typhoid Fever has been very common lately because of the fighting in other countries. Several precautions can be taken to prevent this sickness. Be aware of what you are consuming or drinking to help keep yourself healthy.

There are many symptoms that point to Typhoid Fever. Loss of appetite, headaches, pains and aches, and a high fever are all signals of the disease. See a doctor to retrieve the best help, this sickness can spread and last a long period of time if not treated. Many individuals can become a carrier of Typhoid Fever also.

Fatality rate has dropped significantly from 20% to 1-2%.


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