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Desert Sun reporter, Nicole Hayden, at the USAPA national championship media challenge
Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Eighth Avenue Park in Georgetown Township, Jenison, MI
Athens, Georgia
Little Fort, British Columbia
Grand Island, NY
New Zealand national champ Ramari Raueti
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Pickleball ribbon cutting in Chesterfield, Virginia
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Pickleball bounces into the Columbia River Gorge
Steffi Pace explains Pickleball, at the Pembroke Racquet Tennis Club, on Malta
New courts in Peconic, Long Island, NY
Bill & Melinda?
Ada, Oklahoma
Nishna Valley YMCA, in Southwest Iowa
Chicken N Pickle!
Newport RI clinic
Irish Pickleballers - wearing green!
Pickleball island
Sudbury, CT, dedicates new Pickleball courts

Have Pickleball Paddle, Will Travel (western Nevada County, California)

6 new Pickleball courts in Orillia, Ontario

“Do My Job!” - TV reporter trails Pickleball instructor [video] - El Paso, Texas

America’s fastest-growing sport comes to rural Michigan

Two old tennis courts converted for Pickleball- $8000

New Pickleball courts in San Clemente, California

Envisioning Pickleball’s future in Red Bank, New Jersey

As the city held a grand opening of its pickleball courts Friday afternoon at Homewood Park, instructor Tim Payne asked those in attendance to raise their hands if they had never played the game before. About half of them hadn’t.

“Marinated in Pickleball” - new courts in Akinsdale, Alberta

Pickleball action in Torrington

Oklahoma: “sometimes there are sports just for the fun of it”

Healthy Living, Oklahoma City, OK

Taos, New Mexico: “new enthusiasts across the nation and here”

Pickleball popularity grows in Wisconsin

Green valley, Arizona, plans 24 court Pickleball Center complex

It’s unanimous! Huntington Beach needs to find a location for more Pickleball courts, because “the sport has helped foster friendship among people of all ages.”

“So what is it that engenders such a love for the game played with a paddle and Whiffle ball? Pickleballmax.com lists these reasons that aptly describe why we’re hooked. • Pickleball does not have a steep learning curve. Although playing tennis, racquetball or squash previously certainly helps, the game can be picked up quite quickly by most – and with a little bit of practice you’ll be having some great rallies in no time.• Pickleball can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In fact, it’s likely that if you partner with your grandma or grandpa, you will dominate the competition. • Scoring is much more intuitive than tennis. Unlike tennis, there is no such thing as love, deuce or ad – and the game isn’t scored with the arbitrary numbers of 15, 30 and 40. Rather, most games are simply played to 11 points and the win is by 2. The only wrinkle is that you can only win points on your own serve or your partner’s serve – similar to volleyball. • The Pickleball court is much smaller. An official pickleball court has an area approximately 3-4 times smaller than a tennis court. This means longer rallies and less real estate to cover – ideal for those of us who don’t move as well as we once did. • It’s portable and mobile. In addition to playing pickleball at dedicated facilities, you can also bring your own net to your venue of choice. Then simply chalk in some lines and grab your paddle and ball and you’re ready to play. • Pickleball has a great social aspect to it. Whether you are socializing with your doubles partner, your opponents or those playing on other courts, pickleball is downright fun – and laughter is bound to ensue. Laughter not only provides one with a sense of well-being but it also help to reduce stress. • Pickleball can be competitive. In addition to the social aspect, pickleball can also quench the competitive thirst for those who are a bit more “cutthroat,” providing an opportunity for spirited competition. • Pickleball has numerous health benefits. This may come in the form of lower blood pressure, a boosting of the immune system, stress reduction, improved mental acuity or just getting one in shape. • Pickleball is relatively inexpensive to play. Courts are popping up all over the place where you can play – outdoor parks, churches, schools and tennis facilities where they have converted tennis courts into pickleball courts. With paddle prices less than $100 and courts that are becoming more ever-present, cost is typically not a factor. • Pickleball can break up the monotony of golf in the morning and dinner on the patio in the evening– it’s a rough life for those retired folks, isn’t it?”

California Pickleball battle: Bakersfield's best pickleball players challenge Santa Clarita

Pickleball has taken hold in East Lynn, Massachusetts

A Sloatsburg, NY, tennis court is repurposed for Pickleball

Pickleball comes to Morinville, Alberta, Canada

Multiple sclerosis doesn’t stop this Parkite from pickleballing!

Beverly Chaidez, left, practices pickleball in the sport wheelchair she was loaned by the Utah Tennis Association. Chaidez, recovering from treatment for multiple sclerosis, is training for her first tournament

Park City, Utah- Pickleball ideal for adult community

Pickleball courts’ grand opening in San Juan Bautista, San Benito County, California

Brand new Pickleball courts in San Juan Bautista, California

Pickleball’s ever-increasing popularity in Van Wert, Indiana

“Exercising while having fun” – two of the new Pickleball courts in Van Wert, Indiana

First national Pickleball championship to be held in New Zealand

The same Pickleball story as all across the nation – this time in the Columbia River Valley of Washington

Pickleball courts could replace skate park in La Crosse, Wisconsin

New Pickleball courts in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, are expected to draw business downtown.

Plaza Hotel in Vegas, with 12 dedicated Pickleball courts, is hosting its first open Pickleball tourney in late September

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, loves its new Pickleball courts!

Eden Prairie’s New Pickleball courts feature umbrellas

Pickleball surpassing tennis and platform tennis, even in its home town

“All that’s needed is a plan....”

In conversation with Pickleball enthusiast Grant Holkestad

Snapshot of market research report on Pickleball

Who says learning a new sport and being active has to be for children, or even young adults for that matter? Milford’s Sally Annendleman, who is in her 70s — she leaves a little guesswork there — recently began taking pickleball lessons at Wolfe Park in Monroe. Annendleman is learning the game from Mary Martinik, a 64-year-old certified International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association instructor.

Sally Annendleman and Mary Martinik

Alberta Pickleball tournament entries filled in 15 minutes. “That’s how quick it sold out. We anticipate if we opened it up for as many people as 20 courts could hold, we would fill it up. That could be 400 people.” [Video]

Letter to the Editor - Iles Park -- tennis or Pickleball?

Canada celebrates National Pickleball Day! (Story & Video)

No senior discount needed!

Grandkid Pickleball!

Grandkid campers Pickleball drills

Pickleball at sea: these cruise ships have Pickleball courts!

The country’s fastest growing sport is also popular in jail!

Felony detainees at the Cook County Jail

Harvard study: Pickleball Serves Up Health Benefits

By 8 a.m. the courts were already full, and Pederson was welcoming the trickle of players that was quickly turning into a crowd in the waiting area between the courts. “Hi, cutie, are you playing today?" Pederson asked Keyleigh Finlay, age 10. "Come on, I'm going to put a paddle in your hands." “We feel like we're the ugly step child," she said, pointing across to the empty tennis courts. "Now, look, do you see any tennis players on this gorgeous, beautiful day? "And we have four courts," she said, turning back to the crowd behind her. "If I had eight courts I could accommodate almost all these people waiting."

2 Pickleball Courts Installed In Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Pickleball is a fun, fast moving game, that is suitable for all ages.

2 tennis courts converted to 6 Pickleball courts in Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan - 6 new courts, at the request of residents, including conversions of tennis courts

The first few paragraphs tell the whole story

Kids learn Pickleball skills from US Open national champion [video]

Pickleball satisfaction in State College, Pennsylvania

Estevan, Saskatchewan: Multipurpose community room re-floored for Pickleball

Pickleball-only club to open in Oxford, Connecticut

Idaho Senior Games: "Pickleball saved my life!"

A life saved on the Pickleball court - Sproat Lake, British Columbia

Iron Mountain Pickleball tournament attracts players from all over, raising money for Alzheimer’s research

Three new Pickleball courts open in Sandpoint, Michigan

New courts inaugurated in Sandpoint

Boca Firefighters Support Burn Victims With 1st Annual Pickleball Tournament

Letter: Cortez, CO, praised for adding Pickleball courts

Gurnee, Illinois, adds 8 Pickleball courts

Klamath Basin, OR: 75 senior entrants to first tournament, despite venue change due to air quality

Returning a serve at the senior Pickleball tournament

One of the country’s fastest-growing sports has made its way to LaGrange, Georgia

Fort Scott, Kansas: "You don’t have to go with people,” Allen said. “We’ll rotate you in and out of the game. Someone will help you get started.”

“I’m 77 years old,” Allen said. “It’s an excellent exercise and social game. And I’ve lost 25 pounds since I started playing a year-and-a-half ago.”

Father & Son win Pickleball Gold at Cal State Games

Pickleball "an ideal addition to the sports complex" in Three Rivers, Indiana

13 Las Cruces, New Mexico, Pickleball players win medals at State Senior Olympics

Sandpoint, Idaho, repurposes tennis courts for Pickleball

“I quit all my other sports.” - New Hampshire

Pickleball, A Growing Sport in Newtown, CT, Is Fun For All

Fastest growing sport on Cape Cod

130 entrants in an indoor tournament in Florence, SC

Golf Digest: Golfers going for Pickleball

First huge kids Pickleball tournament in scorching Baton Rouge Louisiana:

Williams Lake, British Columbia: “From just a handful of people batting a ball around to what’s now a small army.”

147 entrants in Pennsylvania Pickleball tournament: Back in the fall, Jane Steele hadn’t even heard of pickleball, much less played it. Now, it’s her favorite sport.

22 different age divisions at the Virginia Commonwealth Pickleball games

Quincy, MA: The same bad jokes never get old wherever you play Pickleball

Ohio: Pickleball soaring in popularity

Celebrating completion of new Pickleball courts in Belfast Maine

Pickleball grows in the Lompoc Valley

Pickleball takes hold in greater Grand Forks

Pickleball and bridge compete for space in Half Moon Bay

Vicksburg: Pickleball at a blistering pace

An increasingly popular sport in Sioux Falls

Pickleball fever spreads to Hudson Valley [video]

Fastest growing sport in the US [video]

Google Trend: “Pickleball”

Pickleball gains popularity in Alabama

Is tennis losing out to Pickleball in the US?

New Pickleball restaurant in Des Moines - serving beer!

Andover, MA - the sport that’s sweeping the area

Pickleball taking Alabama by storm [video]

A familiar rivalry for space in Sebastian, Florida

Pickleball explosion spawns request for more courts in Indiana

Pickleball makes its debut in Kenya!

Weekend athletes pack the Pickleball courts in Hermosa Beach

House of Pickleball opens in Leland North Carolina [video]

Initiating Pickleball enthusiasts on Bainbridge Island

Pickleball bridges the political divide in North Carolina [video]

Eight court Pickleplex grand opening in Bakersfield

Pickleball booming in Chilliwack

Fastest growing US sport sells out Alzheimer’s tournament fundraiser

CBC: Pickleball in Calgary city plaza

Coronado Island quickly becoming Pickleball Central

MA/CT/NY: Curling rink switches to Pickleball in summer months

Spreading like wildfire in Rapid City, South Dakota

Pickleball a Big Dill in Belding, Michigan

Hooked on Pickleball in Waynesville, NC

Answering the demand for new courts in Naperville, Illinois

Pickleball comes to Jackson, Tennessee [video]

Cut-throat Pickleball in Ocean City, New Jersey

In NJ/Philly area, Pickleball is all the rage

Bakersfield, CA: “The only thing hotter than Kern County in summer is its growing Pickleball scene”

New Pickleball courts come to Wisconsin

AARP: Pickleball’s health and social benefits

Canada Nationals, from across the world, great exercise for all ages

St. George, Utah - Why they love the game

Portland, Maine: Sport to relish - more than a fad...a Sensation

New Smyrna Beach, FL: Fast-growing sport needs more places to play

Buffalo: “Swing into action and give Pickleball a try”

Eugene, OR: “Pickleball is Life”

Pickleball comes to Effingham

Boston: Pickleball taking retirement communities by storm

Longboat Key, FL, reporter tries Pickleball

In Lebanon, New Hampshire, Pickleball for All

Wheelchair Pickleball

First came love, then came Pickleball

National Pickleball champs host workshop in Winona

Pickleball on the rise in Sarasota [video]

Sarasota: Reporter gets schooled in Pickleball, and is hooked

Tahoe: More tennis players giving Pickleball a try, and loving it!

Williams Lake, British Columbia: “From Just a few people batting a ball around, to what’s now a small army

New courts support growing popularity in North Phoenix

Passion for Pickleball on Cape May

Fun factor, on Marco Island

Popularity increasing in Virginia

Charleston, South Carolina: Pickleball Fun for all in the Mall!

Pickleball is steadily growing in Palm Springs

Pickleball is the new rage in Orange County

Pickleball versus tennis, in Palm Springs [video]

BBC.com: Pickleball could be coming to a park or gym near you. [video]

Pickleball comes to Southern Arizona [video]

An amazing point at the 2016 National Championships [video]

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