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Well I Wasn't Expecting You... Let Me Get My Pants On One Sec.

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Chad Menard and I am a Graphic Artist and UX Designer from Denver, CO. My work is defined by my surroundings as I am one of the rare natives of Colorado. I was born in this square state and God willing I will have a drunk friend spread my ashes at halftime of a Bronco's home game. I'd do it for him if he's reading this. Anyhoo... have a look around!

Web Design

My first love was always drawing and cartooning, but there isn't a lot of money in doodling (FINE! You were right DAD!) so I decided to add some HTML and CSS to my repertoire of skills while attending college at Metropolitan State University. After spending 3 years working in e-Commerce doing copy-writing and marketing I was lucky enough to being working for the City and County of Denver as a Webmaster/UX Designer. Below are some samples of our multi-year project to bring our old outdated site kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I was part of the team that designed the templates for the new content management system that was implemented (Adobe Experience Manager) and am currently responsible for UX Designs and site updates throughout DenverGov.org.

Early Responsive Flow Diagram

This was created to show the web developers how pages should flow on different devices with a responsive Design.

Web Templates, Ads, and Site Redesigns by Me

The templates below were developed by myself and Karen Pellegrin. The first is the global template used for the DenverGov.org home page. All of the rotating banner ads were designed by me in-house. Next we see a custom template and navigation that I created for Denveright which allows citizens to give us feedback on the city. And last but not least, a lean, mean re-design of the Department of Motor Vehicle Page that is user-centric and allows people to drill down by topic.

This DMV Site was re-designed based on user feedback, agency needs, and features a user-focused approach to drill down to the content they need. Denveright was built from the ground up bas

DenverGov.org Homepage Advertising Slides

Digital Art

My latest digital art project was started this past Summer on various hiking and camping trips my son and I would go on. This will ultimately be a book titled "Bestiary of the Western Ancients" as a field guide to the fantastic creatures that only seem to exist when your imagination still allows them to.

"Bestiary of the Western Ancients" by Chad Menard work in progress

Personal Favorites

Clockwise From Top Left: Denver Broncos Super Bowl promo for Denver Citywide Marketing, AT-AT in Denver during Blizzard of 2012, Mellon Collie Homage using the original painting the album cover was based on.

That's All For Now!

Thanks again for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I will update and add more projects as I finish them. Questions? Comments? Dirty Jokes? Email me at menardchad@gmail.com.

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