The Renaissance By David Mendoza

Marco Polo and the silk road

RACES: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance.When Europe and Asia increased on trading lots of people were trading they also learned about each other's colters."When trading increased more things appered in the stores".People also got what they wanted for less money.I got this evidence (form read work).This paragraph is all about Marco Polo and the Silk Road.

Italian trade cities

The reason why theses trade routes were important is because people would learn different languages when they would trade.also because they would get what they need.They were not so far apart.People would get more things in the store for less money.It helped them trade because people would not get ripped off.

MEdici Family

Rediscovering the past

Gree and Roman help development the renaissance they started to do art like each other but one of them would copy the other but make it look better.They all did art but they did them different buy putting clothing on them.I got this answer from all the paraphrase that my teacher made me read.This paragraph is all about the Greek and Romans help shape developments in the Renaissance.

LeonaRdo da vinci

What I read about Is how leonardo learns parts to machines and knows what they do.He does it so he knows we're to put the parts in his inventions.Then when he knows what the parts do then he pouted them were they belong in his inventions so that's how he make invetions.


What this video is about Michelangelo work that he does.It has his art invention.It has almost all things that he did.

PaPer and printing

They were printing the Bible in different leangueges not just in Latin.The bible was available to more people.The prices to the books were going down that's how people were getting books.The people that were printing we're going fast that's also way people were getting the books and for less money.

They make the printing by stamps then put it on the paper.

RenaIssance writing

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the idea of humanism because people would make up words like he did it.I got this answer from the text book (literature beyond Italy).What it means is all William did was make up words so other people started to make there own words up like him.Shakespeare writing attract such a wide audience because lots of people were inspired to do things because of him.I got this answer from the text book the tittle is (Literature beyond Italy page 316).What this is trying to say is never put your self down by doing things.What this hole paragraph is about is how Williams Shakespeare had up lot of his words.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ...

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