Point of View Post modern principal

‘point of view’ refers to the position the camera is in when viewing a scene.

There are many different ways you can take a photo using point of view, like using juxtaposition, shooting from eye level, becoming the subject, and shooting from below and above.

Instead of staying at just one level for all of your photos try shooting from all views and positions to make your photo more interesting.

Point of view also provides content to the image which communicates the photographers "narrative" or story line.

By choosing the "right" place to put our camera when we take a shot we can incorporate some of our self and our thoughts in each and every image.


Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "Prague" • seier+seier - "interior. hans christian hansen, architect: tagensbo kirke / church, copenhagen 1966-1970." • Moyan_Brenn - "Istanbul" • Moyan_Brenn - "United States" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Man and his bike - View from Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon" • Pierce Martin - "All of this Utah"

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