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For my self-designed exhibit 1 will be using the "5 day test prep" study plan. By the time I learned of this study technique my first exams were already over. However, I intend to implement them in preparation for my next exams.

The idea of this technique is to spend a concentrated hour a day doing a combination of both study and preparation for the exam every day for five days. It also breaks up what you are studying into specific sections so you don't overwhelm yourself.

  1. On the first day, you prepare for an hour, setting up things that you will study tomorrow - such as flash cards, a study guide, diagrams, lists, etc.
  2. On day two you study what you set up the previous day for 30 minutes, after you have done another hour of setting up for the next section of information (Make sure that you study after having done the preparation, this way you won't study something and then just have the information replaced by the information you will be studying the next day )
  3. Day three, you do a 45 minute session of preparation for the next material - as apposed to an hour. Then you study the material you prepared yesterday for thirty minutes, and the material you prepared on day 1 for 15 minutes.
  4. For day four, you shorten the preparation time again and give yourself 30 minutes of preparation time. From there you study 30 minutes from yesterdays preparation, 15 minutes for the day two, and 15 more minutes for day one.
  5. On the final day (a few days or day before your exam - not the day of) you should have any study tools you wanted to prepare, finished. From there you study the last bit of prepared information from the previous day for 30 minutes, and then 15 minute review segments for the rest of the sections you had prepared before.

With this you are ready for your Exam


When doing the review - something that I find helps me is writing things down. Because I am a largely kinesthetic learner, being able to fill things out and write them down helps me greatly. So to utilize this I created diagram worksheets, where the diagram would be in sharpie so that I could fill out the rest of it in pencil and erase my words to do them again. It was time consuming to make but it helped me to learn the material.

Also rewriting notes is very helpful - even when you are reviewing and are simply rewriting what you previously wrote in class. Reading it out loud as you write it down also does wonders for your memorization.


Unfortunately I didn't make a better grade on my Biology Exam with this. However, the material was more difficult than on the first exam and I don't think that I properly followed the plan in its execution in order to get the most out of it. I did miss a day of studying and tried to make it up the next day but I don't believe that I gave myself as much time as I needed to try this properly. However, it was a good learning experience and I will try it again to see if I can do it better this time around. I think it is an effective method, it was simply human error on my part of executing it poorly.


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