In my lifetime LIfe as SlAve

Life As A Slave

I was on my plantation when I saw in the corner of my eye, my master fixing to hit me on my head. When he did, all he was doing was encouraging the black codes. The slave codes are laws to keep slaves from roaming free, Disrespecting their masters and from disobeying their given orders.

IAbraham Lincoln was just elected president when I started to gain hope again. But a time later, he was assassinated. My family Started to more hopeless as the days went by. South Carolina reacted with his election by seceding from the union.

In 1860 the civil war broke out and one of the strongest forts, fort Sumter, against the enemy stood no chance. It was a blood bath. We had seen it all. We were lucky we didn't die. It started when I was on my masters farm. The war made our luck of getting free decrease... and our courage.

The emancipation proclamation sets slaves free but people were still violent towards them and literally treated them like animals.

Afterwards reconstruction in South Carolina began. This hurt a lot of lives and money because we spent a lot of it in the civil war. This hurt my family's earnings as well as my families health. This locked mY family out the most needed accessories vital to our survival, such as food, water, and clothing. At the time, the 13 amendment stated that all shaves were free,and the 14 amendment stated that all people of the USA were citizens of the USA. But The 15 amendment said that all men could vote. This was really the only advantage for my family.

Soon after, military districts were placed in sc to protect African Americans and their rights and physical health as well. This helped our family because the military districts did their job and prevented most attacks on African Americans. Military districts were developed by Johnsons plan and the congressional plan. The Abraham Lincoln plan involves the ten percent plan. this plan stated that if ten percent of the confederate population voted robe backing the union, they could be voted back in the USA.

The freedmen's Bureau was bureau made up of northerners and scalawags, and last It not least carpetbaggers. The benefited my family because they were protesting for us.

The constitution of 1868 was a happy face because it helped blacks to vote. I could now vote with no restrictions, and have the freedom to express my feelings. The constitution of 1865 also helped abolish Slavery.

Ben tilman was also an antagonist of blacks. He helped encourage whites to protest against blacks even more. He even enacted the Jim Crow laws.He signed the constitution of 1895. The constitution of 1895 stated that all blacks would be segregated from the whites. BenTilman even created the university of Clemson.

The natural disasters put our family my great danger. We were lucky because we had found some rice seeds but the hurricane of 1893 damage most of our rice produce. Before that an earthquake caused massivedestruction in Charlestown and a lot of building and mills there were destroyed.

When my Family reached the roaring 20s I thought my family would get rich but they got even more poor. They were tired of being pushed around and they protested. Even with the prohibition act around nobody would listen to their protests. Eventually we protested and the great depression started, and we regretted the protests deeply.

Before the depression started we experienced the stock marketcrash. This made us falter when we earned a job and all our stock items and supplies just dropped greatly in numbers. When the Great Depression started we spoke our last breaths.

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