Good Ol' Wishy's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Celebrating 22 Years in Business!

Business: Good Ol' Wishy's, 9779 Main Street, Croghan, NY 13327

Number of Years in Business: Celebrating 22 years in August!

Employees: Each summer we hire 8 seasonal employees. We offer our positions to high school and college students. Each season, we look to hire people without prior work experience, making Good ol' Wishy's their very first employment opportunity. Many of our past employees have achieved educator, engineer, upper management, and head chef positions, just to name a few. We take great pride in providing the skills and work ethic they need in order to secure great jobs in their future!

Describe your Success Story. We are a family business, owned and operated by Karl, Charlotte, Evan & Kaleb Schweitzer. Good ol' Wishy's is an "ol' fashioned" ice cream parlor serving Perry's Hard Ice Cream and Upstate Soft Serve. We offer 44 different flavors of ice cream, 2 frozen yogurts and an array of sundaes, floats, milk shakes, and cold brew coffee!

Wishy's has been a part of Croghan since the second fire in 1912. Many generations have enjoyed this mainstay and it's a tradition that we strive to continue. You may say that we were in the right place at the right time! When in casual conversation with the previous owner, she mentioned she was interested in selling, and we just happened to be interested in buying. Three months later, we were the new owners!

One of our goals is to preserve the hometown feel and history of Croghan. Keeping a tradition alive has been a part of our success. We are so fortunate that Wishy's is located in Lewis County. It is an established business that we want to keep as a central gathering place for families. We adjusted the name to Good Ol' Wishy's from the original, but its always been known as Wishy's - its history!

We expanded our operations in 2016, opening Good Ol' Spokes (a bicycle shop) right next door! We are Giant and Framed bicycle dealers. We offer a variety of bikes styles, from mountain to road, for the leisure and competitive rides. We carry the necessary supplies and also service bikes. Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, we offer group rides through the beautiful back roads of Lewis County.

"We are very thankful for our customers and community - they have made us who we are today"

- Charlotte Schweitzer, Owner of Good ol' Wishy's

Why did you choose to do business in Lewis County? There is definitely an advantage to doing business here. The first that comes to mind is the people. They are very kind and supportive. There is a true sense of community. Croghan has been and is currently surrounded by many "gems," such as the American Maple Museum, the Railroad Museum, Camp Oswegatchie, Beaver Camp, Camp Aldersgate, Unirondack, Croghan Meat Market, Eddie's, Monnat's IGA, Monnat & Nortz Service Station, and Croghan Island Mill, along with many other newer businesses that add to the attraction of the village. It's a destination worth traveling to and enjoying. Hopefully we are just one piece of the puzzle!

What advice would you give someone starting a business in Lewis County? BE ORIGINAL - BE CREATIVE. Compliment the existing businesses. Don't copy what's already being done. Everyone grows when something new and exciting is added. Look at the surroundings. Discover something that is missing and develop an attraction that will serve the people. This is a recreational area that is meant to be enjoyed!

For more information, check out Good Ol' Wishy's Facebook page!

Lewis County Economic Development / / 315-376-3014


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