A Life Through Lens BY: Natalie Kratz

Jessica Uttinger is a food stylist and photographer for Dorothy Lane Market, a gourmet grocery store. She was not always the photographer for the store. She first started working in the produce section at the Washington Square Dorothy Lane Market. After expressing her love for photography to the CEO and showing them her work, they decided to take her on full time to be their photographer.
When setting up for a shoot, she first shops in the DLM next door to get everything she needs for her vision for her picture to come alive. She expressed that she usually has an idea in mind to begin with, but sometimes when she's shopping and looking at different products in the store, more ideas will blossom.
Jessica has a collection of antique silverware, plates, and other quirky kitchen utensils all neatly laid out on shelves. She uses these items to spice up a picture and to give the images a little extra flare. Many of these items she has picked out herself from antique stores and even thrift stores.
She said she doesn't usually always stick with her first plan. As she plays around and moves the product, she gets more ideas and that's when the magic starts to happen. She likes her spreads to look like it was effortlessly put together and she is a big fan of organic lines and designs.
Detail is very important to Jessica. She said that she is a perfectionist when it comes to her photography, but she finds beauty in the imperfections in an image. Jessica also loves listening to music while she works, but she finds peace in silence as well.
After the product is "perfectly" set in place, Jessica goes on to photograph the image. Most of the time spent is setting up all the things in the picture and making sure everything looks exactly how she wants it to look. She said that photographing the designs she puts together is the easy part.
Jessica mentioned that she absolutely loves chasing light. In her studio, she has different light sources that help her bring in the light that she needs to achieve that perfect shot! She loves playing around with the different equipment to see what new styles she can create.
Some days Jessica gets to go on "field trips" to take pictures for the company. This day, she traveled to Waterfields greenhouse to get a portrait of the farmers of the company. The farmers were easygoing and excited to be featured in the upcoming monthly magazine for Dorothy Lane Market.
Before Jessica started to do photography for Dorothy Lane Market, she used to do family and group portraits. This experience has helped her through different projects she has had to do for the company. She mentioned that when taking a pictures of group of people, usually when the people are laughing or smiling amongst themselves is when the pictures really turn out genuine and natural.
She absolutely loves paying attention to detail. Finding different textures excites her and she finds beauty in the little things. In the Waterfields greenhouse she visited, there were many opportunities and different, organic designs to photograph.
Her tattoo says "Momentum". As you get to know Jessica, she is a very driven person. Her tattoo has tremendous meaning in her life. She said that no matter what life throws at you, you just have to keep the momentum and keep on moving forward.
Jessica Uttinger truly loves what her career has become and she said like it doesn't even feel like it's work because she enjoys her job so much. She is extremely happy with what her job has become at Dorothy Lane Market and she can't wait to see what the future holds.

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